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10178Anchorage, White-tailed Ptarmigan, Northern Wheatear & Horned Larks

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  • trapperdan1
    Jun 14, 2014

      We hiked Wolverine Peak trail, from Prospect Heights Trailhead today. A few good birds way up high. The White-tailed Ptarmigan called, his Monkey Scream call, 3 times for us, he was only 150 feet from the peak, and gave us very good looks. The Northern Wheatear's were above timberline and above the long bench. Their were 3 Wheatear's and 2 Horned Larks in the area. Walking time from the parking lot, to the peak, and back, was 5.5 hours. We did not hurry, there were many people, and the higher it got, the colder. We used our gloves, warm hats, and jacket on the return.

      Trapper Dan