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10173Gray Wagtail, Oriental Cuckoo, and others on St. Paul Island

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  • Scott Schuette
    Jun 13, 2014

      Today's (June 12th) excitement on St. Paul Island centered on the sighting of a GRAY WAGTAIL this afternoon which is the 6th Pribilof record (and 3rd in six years) with the continuing ORIENTAL CUCKOO still present for the 11th consecutive day.

      There are also now one to two COMMON CUCKOOS present since the 10th along with a SKY LARK sighted on the 7th, an EYEBROWED THRUSH on the 10th, a Common Snipe on the 11th, and a locally very rare Northern Waterthrush (2nd spring and 6th overall Pribilof record).

      Scott Schuette

      St. Paul Island Tour