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10169McCarthy Road and Kenny Lake report: Ruddy Ducks and Tennessee Warbler

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  • Luke DeCicco
    Jun 11, 2014

      A short stop at Kenny Lake on 9 June 2014 around 11pm produced few birds overall but two highlights, a pair of Ruddy Ducks and a male Blue-winged Teal. No Red-winged Blackbirds were noted but this could be due to the time of day. I drove about 15 miles of the McCarthy Road from Silver Lake to mile 24 on the morning of 10 June. The highlight was a single territorial male Tennessee Warbler at mile 15.2, photos and audio recordings were obtained. If anyone looks for this bird it was singing along the back edge of a small wetland on the north side of the road. I found a 16 mile marker and back-calculated to estimate the mile marker the bird was on, there does not appear to be a mile 15 marker. 

      All the best,
      Luke DeCicco
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