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Peter Bloom Selects MusicDish Network For Artist Development

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    Artist development and marketing firm MusicDish LLC has been selected by Toronto-based Pop/Rock musician Peter Bloom to provide artist development support,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2008
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      Artist development and marketing firm MusicDish LLC has been selected
      by Toronto-based Pop/Rock musician Peter Bloom to provide artist
      development support, including full online marketing, brand management
      and industry outreach in North America.

      MusicDIsh will initially focus on internet marketing, from
      consistently developing brand messaging and creatives that reflect
      Peter Bloom s rich lyrics and music, reinforced by a mutli-pronged
      online marketing campaign, to fan building and viral distribution.
      MusicDish will also develop a strategic business plan encompassing all
      aspects of his career, from financing to international markets.

      Drawing emotional strength and wisdom from his own powerful personal
      life experiences, Bloom offers Random Thoughts (from a paralyzed
      mind), his insightful, musically and lyrically compelling debut that
      chronicles his dramatic shift from years of self-doubt (and physical
      problems with his voice) to his current emergence as a critically
      acclaimed, award winning artist and performer.

      His newly assembled band s first gig in December 2007 at The Cameron
      House -- one of the city s hip musical venues -- saw many fans lining
      up after the show to buy CDs and get autographs. One review described
      Bloom s live performance as "pure heart and raw energy." Since then,
      Peter Bloom Band has twice played Toronto hotspot, The Horseshoe,
      sharing the bill with UK sensation, Newton Faulkner, on one occasion.
      PBB also headlined for a very receptive crowd of over 850 people at a
      benefit show for D.A.N.I. (Developing and Nurturing Individuals), a
      local organization that raises money to help special needs people
      become more independent. That night, PBB shared the stage with the
      inspirational up-and-coming songwriter, Justin Hines. People
      everywhere are finding themselves inspired by Bloom s heartfelt
      reflections on breaking through the "Walls" (one of the more poignant
      tracks on the album) that prevent us from living life to it s fullest.

      Individual tracks from Random Thoughts have already dominated a
      handful of high profile competitions in his home base of Ontario and
      beyond. The opening track "Let It Go" was chosen last August as "Song
      of the Month" in the pop category for the international Song Of The
      Year competition, automatically entering it in the running for Song of
      the Year. Bloom won two 2007 Toronto Exclusive Music Awards, for Best
      Rock Song ("Helping Hand") and Best Rock Group; was nominated for a
      2007 Ontario Independent Music Award for Best Rock Song ("Walls"); and
      was runner-up in both the regional Radio Star 2007 (99.9 Mix FM) and
      the Toronto Indie Week 2006 singer/songwriter competitions. That same
      year, he also won Honorable Mention in the Billboard World Song Contest.


      What the reviewers are saying:

      "Peter Bloom is a singer-songwriter who learned all the right lessons
      from John, George, Ringo and especially Paul - not to mention Elton
      John and John (Five For Fighting) Ondrasik. This is simply gorgeous
      piano/orchestral-based pop, carried to the next level by Bloom s
      insightful lyrics and full-bodied melodic sensibilities." Jason
      Warburg, The Daily Vault

      "Random Thoughts is a perfect go-to CD for the days you need a friend,
      a voice to help carry you through the storm and a cocoon in which to
      wrap up in until the sun comes out again." Pitch Perfect Reviews

      "Random Thoughts (From A Paralyzed Mind)" may be the bandÕs first full
      length, but the maturity exhibited will easily fool individuals into
      thinking that this is their fourth or fifth album." Neufutur Magazine

      "Earnest as a Toronto winter day is short, Bloom makes sweeping piano
      pop redolent of late Beatles ballads or Chris Martin at his most
      thoughtful." Download.Com - Editor s Review

      MusicDish Network is the artist development department of MusicDish
      LLC, a leading music magazine publisher and marketing firm. Launched
      in 2001 as a marketing service for independent artists, MusicDish
      Network has grown into a complete artist development program,
      leveraging brand development, saturated and relationship marketing,
      digital distribution, event planning and industry outreach to support
      emerging artists and bands careers.
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