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Playlist 11/28 - 11/29

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  • Aaron Childs
    Howdy, I m Aaron Childs. I host a show on Live365.com (www.live365.com/stations/aaronchilds), and you re receiving this e-mail because you re an artist or a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2004
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      I'm Aaron Childs. I host a show on Live365.com
      (www.live365.com/stations/aaronchilds), and you're receiving this e-mail
      because you're an artist or a manager/promoter/etc. of an artist that is
      being played, or you're on one of the many music related forums I subscribe
      to. I play blues, rock, jazz, alternative, electronica, and roots
      rock/americana/etc. Below is the details and playlist from the latest show,
      with some remarks by me. This is the week when I finally decided to start
      playing some holiday music. Although there's a few clueless twits at local
      radio stations that have been doing it since the beginning of November.
      Sorry, but 8 weeks of Christmas music is way too much.....
      Artist "Song Title"
      Honkey Tonk Confidential "Who Gets The Fruitcake This Year?"
      The Payola$ "Eyes Of A Stranger"
      Sophie B Hawkins "Only Love (The Ballad Of Sleeping Beauty)"
      Counting Crows "Round Here (live)"
      Larry Groce "Junk Food Junkie"
      The Garage Boys "Oh So Fine (live)"

      The Alarm "Spirit Of '76"
      Johnny Vance "World Won't End"
      Narrow 7 "Summer's Day"
      Blondie "Attack Of The Giant Ants"
      House Of Pain "Shamrocks And Shenanigans"
      Christina Fasano "It's Just A Funk Thang"

      Siouxsie & the Banshees "Kiss Them For Me"
      Stereo MC's "Connected"
      Nullset "Make Me Feel"
      REO SPeedwagon "Ridin' The Storm Out"
      Bagone "Juilet Knows"
      Felicia Dale & William Dale "Cade Cop Girls"

      Ice House "Electric Blue"
      Carol Plunk "Garden"
      Trik-Turner "Father"
      Dave Bush & Food "Make Me"
      Radiohead "Everything In It's Right Place (live)"
      Megan Hurley "In Too Deep"

      Save Ferris "Come On Eileen"
      Karen Kosowski "Stained Glass Window"
      Big Joe Williams "Sinking Blues"
      Robin Stone "Down To The Wire"
      The Stranglers "No Mercy"
      Elfstone "Coconut Christmas"

      Jars Of Clay "Flood"
      Kitty Schooley "Oh Lord Have Mercy On My Soul"
      Dreamer "Halos On The Wall"
      Grim Reaper "See You In Hell"
      Sin "Painful"
      Peter Murphy "Cuts You Up"

      3 Feet From Falling "I Don't Know Why"
      Stegosaurus "Long Way To Fresno"
      Amelia White "Nobody Stones Me"
      Left Undone "Greener Grass"
      Thistle "Oxygen"
      Brain Gottesman "Granymede"

      Surture Seven "Whores"
      Kameron Fry "My Turn"
      George Lee Jr. & The Crazed Cowboys "If I Only Had A Brain"
      Arrested Developement "Tennesee"
      Pure "Spiritual Pollution"
      Mising Link "Na Na (Untouchable)"

      Lisa Richards "So Long"
      Eurythmics "Would I Lie To You?"
      Diamond Head "Sucking My Love"
      Basement Jaxx "Red Alert"
      Jim Croce "Operator"
      The Clash "Straight To Hell"

      Jeff Coffey "Write About Me"
      Vesica Pieces "Pamela"
      Paul Miles "Train #9"
      The Locals "Sugar Buzz"
      Chamber Brothers "Time Has Come Today"
      Elliot Kendall "Everyone's World"

      Think your music would fit my show? Send a cd and a press kit (cassettes and
      MP3's NOT accepted) to:
      Aaron Childs
      477 Roxbury Circle
      Jackson, MI 49203

      Thank you and have a great day!

      Aaron Childs

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