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[RadioMike]: A New Show And The State Of The Nation

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  • Galahad@TheFeveredBrainOfRadioMike.com
    My Darlin’ Neurons: We won’t over Burden this Space with Our Thoughts on the “election” since We write precious too Much anyway, But know this: If
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2004
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      My Darlin’ Neurons:

      We won’t over Burden this Space with Our Thoughts on the “election” since We
      write precious too Much anyway, But know this: If each of Us doesn’t
      Protect our freedoms Individually, then collectively our Freedoms will
      slowly be eroded until there is nothing left but Government control of our
      Very thoughts. If films and television and radio shows (you Know who you
      are) claim that They and their Shows and Ideas are Not about That, Then they
      will be “safe” until the End when The Fighters have all been eliminated.
      When the Do-Nothings are the Only ones that are left Standing, they will be
      Taken down as well because there Will be no one Left to Fight for them.
      Have we Made ourselves clear? There will be more thoughts posted Here:
      http://thefeveredbrainofradiomike.com/comments.php?id=598_0_1_0_M Now
      Listen to the Show and Think for yourself:

      Tonight’s show feature the Likes of GARY POZNER, MELINEH KURDIAN, CHEAP
      WINE, DAWN LANDES, and The Long-Awaited release of MAGGIE WALTERS full
      length (which can be Purchased incidentally at CD BABY (and yup, there are
      Links in the Post). There are Plenty more cool artists to Listen to. Just
      read the Post.

      And while we Have your attention, Please note that We are Looking for some
      Good Original Protest Songs and Christmas Songs. Just get in Touch and send
      them Our way.

      Gigs and Other Happenings:

      Manuel Gomez’s Page at Mac.com will Be up for a While and our Film is still
      There. Manuel needs the Traffic so visit Often:

      ANDREW VLADECK (http://www.andrewvladeck.com/) has Got a CD release Party
      coming Tomorrow Night, Tuesday, November 9, at 9.00 pm at The Bowery
      Ballroom (http://www.boweryballroom.com) and He’s Opening for HEM (!). His
      new CD is Pretty damn good too.

      CITYSESSIONS (http://citysessions.com/) Only Occurs once a Month in San
      Francisco and Tomorrow night is It. If you are Near, Go. It will be Hot.
      Tuesday Nov 9th 2004: Featuring: Mike Hicks, AJ Roach, Kira Lynn Cain from
      8-11PM at Club Waziema, 543 Divisadero between Fell and Hayes. They also
      have a Cool CD to check out. One Of the Coolest of the Cool.

      RACHEL LOSHAK (http://rachelloshak.com/gigs.html) has Got Quite a Few gigs
      over the Next Week in Denmark. If you are There you Should go. She really
      does have the Voice of an Angel.

      NEW MOON CEREMONY (hosted by The Listeners): Pomegranates, Persephone,
      winter darkness. It's just you and your intuition, baby. But that's
      plenty. Thursday 11/11/2004, 22 E. 89th St., Apt 6C, in Manhattan. Admission
      is $10.

      The Listeners are a New York based group of instrument makers and musicians.
      Since 1988, they have been studying the traditions and techniques through
      which participants can use ceremony for healing and integration. The
      concert will consist of a series of improvised pieces on ancient world
      instruments. The event will last about two hours. Because this is a Thursday
      ceremony, we intend to start earlier than usual. Please do not arrive past

      MICHELINE VAN HAUTEM & MICH EN SCÈNE (http://michenscene.com/) sings the
      Songs of Jacques Brel IN NEW YORK CITY! Friday November 12 at 8:00 PM and
      Saturday November 13 at 8:00 PM. Florence Gould Hall at the Alliance
      Française, 55 East 59th Street (bet. Park & Madison) New York City.
      http://www.fiaf.org .Tickets by Ticket master: +1-212-307-4100 or
      http://www.ticketmaster.com or The Florence Gould Hall: +1-212-355-6160.
      You Need to see Her a Few times at least. She’s Worth it.

      RadioMike Loves You All,

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