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Next hip site: InterMixx IndieGate

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  • Noel Ramos
    ... The InterMixx IndieGate. The IndieGate s database is growing steadily and functionality has already tripled. Soon, visitors will be able to submit data for
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 1999
      "James W. Thomas" wrote:

      > So what's the next hip site?

      The InterMixx IndieGate.

      The IndieGate's database is growing steadily and functionality has already tripled.
      Soon, visitors will be able to submit data for consideration and members are now able
      to enter separate data for the many hats they wear: Personal, Band and Business.

      The Strategic Alliances we have already forged are impressive and more are well on
      the way. These Alliances allow our members to get discounted goods and services from
      many other sites, as well as many valuable services for free.

      Examples of Strategic Alliances: MP3.com, AMP3.com, EZCD.com, CD Baby.com,
      DegyShop.com, The Orchard.com, BandThings.com, and many, many more to come.

      Examples of FREE member services: Mixx Mini Page (great for bands with no web site as
      yet!) InterMixx/MP3.com Alliance page (we encode the music and save you $5), Database
      entry (totally searchable by visitors), free banner ad in our rotating banner
      program, free airplay on Real Mixx Radio (our 24-7 streaming radio station), free
      video airplay on VidMixx (our online video section), free access to the InterMixx
      Hotline Server (hundreds of Hotline surfers visit daily and download members' MP3
      files!), membership in the InterMixx MusicList (where musicians meet the industry,
      24-7), free listing on the InterMixx Gig Swap (another awesome database function!)
      and more...

      Examples of low-cost member services: InterMixx web hosting allows members to get
      UNLIMITED storage and Real Media ability for only $19.99 per month! We can also
      design your site for a very low price. We offer 20 years of Graphic Design experience
      at special member discounts, you can get a discount on CD manufacturing from Disc
      Makers, a discounted CD Baby membership, discounts at DegyShop, special discounts at
      the Orchard, and many, many more perks.

      Beginning in 2000, members will be benefitting from a massive national marketing
      campaign to promote the IndieGate as "Your gateway to everything indie!" Visitors
      will be able to search on indie musicians and companies and get all the info they
      need from the internet that pertains to the indie industry.

      All database info will be qualified by our staff of CSRs (Customer Service
      Representatives) and members and visitors alike will be able to call a LIVE person
      24-7. Never an auto-reply from the InterMixx IndieGate!

      Real Mixx Radio will also soon be LIVE and logging on to InterMixx will connect you
      to a live, real-time network of indies. Chat 24-7, exchange MP3s and other files, and
      listen to the music!

      And all this will also translate into REAL WORLD activities that will help you market
      your music directly to your consumers, and EARN A LIVING!

      Isn't that what we really want to do? Please join us, won't you?


      "Envision, the future, make it happen."


      Open the IndieGate - your gateway to everything indie!


      Noel Ramos - Publisher, Mixx Magazine
      Gatekeeper, InterMixx IndieGate
      Contributing Editor, Musician's Atlas Internet Section

      The InterMixx IndieGate, Daryl Hawes - WebEditor
      Jeff Johnson - Webmeister

      Mixx Magazine is Published by NRG Publishing & Design
      PMB287, 304 Main Ave., Norwalk, CT 06851 USA
      203 854 9294 mailto:MixxMag@...

      Mixx Magazine - Boston Satellite Office
      PMB138, 198 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02116 617 423 MIXX
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