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Two for Ten (almost over!) and other Mountain Mirrors happenings:

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  • Jeffrey Sanders
    Hey all! The Two for Ten offer for Your copy of Lunar Ecstasy is valid until midnight on Valentine s day! When you score your copy from
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2004
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      Hey all!

      The "Two for Ten" offer for Your copy of "Lunar Ecstasy" is valid
      until midnight on Valentine's day!

      When you score your copy from http://www.cdbaby.com/mountainmirrors -
      CD Baby will let me know, and I'll personally send a copy
      of "Improvisations from a Void" as a Thanks. There's even a money-
      back guarantee on it. Ten bucks gets You both until Valentine's Day.

      Why? With your help, we can make "Lunar Ecstasy" one of CD Baby's
      top CD's EVER. Cheers!! And thank you to everyone who already owns
      it. It's people like you who make it possible for someone like me to
      manifest their dreams.


      Other news:

      - DJ Madame Bovary has been spinning tracks from "Lunar Ecstasy" on
      WJUL and WSMU's "Light from a Dead Star"!! Please send Toni your
      good vibes!

      - You'll soon be able to request this music on other college radio
      stations across New England and New York! I'll have an update on
      this soon.

      - "Lunar Ecstasy" will soon be on sale at PsycheDOOMelic records in

      - You'll also be able to buy "Lunar Ecstasy" at AMAZON.COM!! I kind
      of dig that... (they're not nearly as hip as CDBaby...but hey. It's
      f'n Amazon, man!)

      - Look out for new features at http://www.indiesoundz.com,
      http://www.stonedgods.com and http://www.thesoundmonitor.com in the
      next couple of days!


      Here are the latest reviews for "Lunar Ecstasy":

      STONERROCKCHICK - "What a beautiful record to listen to! I
      absolutely loved Jeff's
      "Voices" but in my opinion "Lunar Ecstasy" is pure
      ambient/psychedelic bliss.
      Mountain Mirrors, which is the solo project of outstanding musician
      Jeff Sanders,
      takes all things ambient and psychedelic and adds in electronica and
      some pretty,
      yet exceptionally heavy riffage to create this album of serenity
      gone a little mad.
      Things are so beautiful in this world of lunar ecstasy that Jeff has
      created. There is so
      much to get out of this album. Deep-seated in mid-sixties hippy
      psychedelica (which
      brings to mind while listening visions of flowers and peace and all
      things good) and
      extending to the epic song writing talents of 70's era Led Zeppelin
      and even adding
      in the strangeness of the electronic beats of bands like Mouse on
      Mars. That's quite
      the feat, and Jeff has accomplished this with finesse. Even bringing
      in elements of
      Pink Floyd and speaking to us in the language of a shaman, full of
      wisdom and
      truth and the search for truth.

      "A Short Burst of Clarity" is a song similar to what you might hear
      coming from Steve
      Dandy (Orchestra Del Dieserto) or Hermano. A steady groove against a
      of strange psychedelic riffs and desert sounding guitar. A real
      desert feel exists in
      this song and the beat and groove will send your mind elsewhere but
      on the daily rut
      of life (as will the whole album). A short and sweet tune. "Lunar
      Ecstasy" is a
      semi-jazzy number along the same vein as say, Massive Attack or even
      Portishead. A great groove and stellar violin provided by Bradford
      Athey. Deep,
      sexy bass grooves along with some semi-industrial style guitar. Very
      cool! It has a
      light feel with very dark overtones. "Sacred Space" is a song about
      introspection and
      happiness. Who are we, where do our souls lie? What are our dreams?
      For me, this
      song is so very sad and so very beautiful. Acoustic
      bliss! "Apparition" is where I hear
      the quirky electronica often found in the work of bands like Mouse
      on Mars.
      Somewhat eerie and sensual. "Where the Green Meets The Blue" is an
      epic song
      with very spacial beats which create a moody soundscape, sometimes
      sad, sometimes happy. Once again, another diamond of a song open for
      personal interpretation. "Afterlife" seems somewhat medieval in it's
      execution and
      feel. This song should be on a soundtrack for some grand epic
      fantasy movie!
      The piano adds an unsettling ambience to the strange song which
      concerts up
      barren lands and purple skies. This song is much more focused in the
      rock/post rock genre and simply soars and then crashes down again in
      silence. Wonderful!

      Again with "Last Resort" Jeff brings to the forefront the focus on
      electronic beats and
      moody overtones to bring us a very retrodelic down tempo ambient
      piece. Beautiful
      acoustic guitar and harmony that caresses and soothes. "Agent
      Orange" is about
      Vietnam war and as such is sad, sad, sad with music and lyrics to
      fit the ache of the
      soul. A very Pink Floydesque song that aptly takes on the aftermath
      of the war and
      sends the images to us through sound. E-Bow on this piece provided
      by Nick
      Bensen. The longest song on the record at just over 5 and a half
      minutes. The closing
      finale to Lunar Ecstasy is the song "Rain", a short and sweet track
      perfect for putting
      on when the weather outside speaks of heartbreak and hope and new
      and deep sadness.

      Obviously I got a lot out of this album, and I expect most people
      will. Mountain Mirror's
      "Lunar Ecstasy" is a brilliant piece of work. Fit for poets and
      travelers and
      seekers and those just wanting something sweet and sad, yet
      beautiful to
      listen to. I love this album. Lunar Ecstasy is amazing.

      Check out the beauty and talent that is Mountain Mirrors. You can
      sample every song
      off Lunar Ecstacy on the website. It is well worth it." - Deanna St.

      ZEITGEIST - "Back in the mists of 2002 we were well taken with Jeff
      Mountain Mirrors and his "Voices" EP. Well, good as that was,
      nothing prepared
      us for something this good. Fair enough, Jeff tried to warn us,
      describing this as
      "inspirational Zen Rock soundscapes, blending Led Zeppelin, Black
      Sabbath and
      Beatles influences with down tempo grooves, dank guitar work and
      imagery". I mean, yeah right! But in the immortal words of Janice
      from Friends, "oh
      my God"! It is that good.

      There's still a huge space rock influence on display, but Jeff has
      absorbed the 21st
      century and mixed things up to a point where you have to cast aside
      conventions of musical boundaries and start listening afresh. The
      track doesn't really give sufficient warning of what to expect
      merely hinting at post
      rock via Anathema.

      It's really on the second titular track, that things really start to
      take off combining
      Tricky type trip hop and Pink Floyd, building up to a Hawkwind riff
      before rounding
      off with a stellar violin solo! "Your Sacred Space" heads back into
      mode, an acoustic yet powerful lament that leads us into the
      dystopian futuristic
      nightmare of "Apparition". Fortunately, it's only a brief visit to
      an instrumental
      nightmare before Jeff invites to experience the infinite on "Where
      The Green Meets
      The Blue", another acoustic track, but one a million miles away
      from "Your Sacred
      Space", beating in time to our hearts and passions.

      "Afterlife" is the most beautiful moment on the CD, benefitting
      immensely from the
      sympathetic orchestration of Derek Devore, and if they're ever
      looking for someone
      to score a remake of "Casablanca", this tugs at more than enough
      "Last Resort" stirs things up a bit, being a piece of pure blissed
      out psych straight out
      of Tintern Abbey, and those seeking a look back at where Jeff
      started should start
      here. "Agent Orange" sees Free City Media man Nick Bensen guesting
      on a
      reflective yet menacing number which could easily have come from the
      mind of
      Roger Waters circa "The Final Cut". "Rain" plays us out, a simple
      yet engaging solo
      guitar, ending a fabulous 30 minute trip. This will prove itself a
      highlight of this or
      any other year." - Stuart Hamilton

      DAREDEVIL MAG - "My favourite one-man-band is back with a lot of
      psyched out
      trippinĀ“ stuff. This time Jeff entered new ways of recording and
      mixing his
      music...the music is more present and clear...also the arrangements
      are just
      perfect...classic guitars with violins and piano...that reminds me a
      bit of the older
      Smashing Pumpkins...ok, that maybe gives the music a pretty dramatic
      but I love it when a album is arranged like that and me as the
      listener...I have much
      more fun. I would say this is a modern version of CAN mixed with
      some Ten Years
      After and old Pink Floyd...yes...the right mixture for a nice
      evening!!!" - Ralf Burkart


      That's the news for now, Brothers and Sisters. Be good to
      yourselves. Talk to you soon. Cheers!

      All My Best,


      Mountain Mirrors - psychedelic zen rock

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