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  • Mike Perazzetti
    MIKE PERAZZETTI, CATALIN J. GALAHAD PRODUCTIONS P.O. BOX 252 ~ NEW YORK, NY 10116-0252 OFFICE: 917.776.4696 ~ cjgproductions@yahoo.com ... FOR IMMEDIATE
    Message 1 of 54 , Oct 1, 2002


      P.O. BOX 252  ~  NEW YORK, NY 10116-0252

      OFFICE:  917.776.4696  ~  cjgproductions@...



      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                               CONTACT:  Mike Perazzetti




      (NEW YORK:  8 September 2002): Fresh from a solo U.K. tour and a six week, thirteen country European tour opening for the Moldy Peaches, Joie/Dead Blonde Girlfriend, the cornerstone of the Antifolk Music Wave that�s taking over the world, is returning to the Sidewalk Cafe. His last album, Pretty as a Picture, sold over 1,000 copies in less than a year and is almost sold out.  His latest, the limited edition Lost, Alone and Live in London, recorded at the 12 Bar in London during his solo U.K. tour, is selling well.  Europe loves him like the bastard son they never wanted.  Say what you want about him, the fans have spoken:  Joie/DBG is a true-to-life storyteller from the East Village and New York City�s best kept secret.  Discover why the Sidewalk Cafe loves this one-man, acoustic punk performer.


      Catch him:              26 October, Saturday, 11:00, Sidewalk Caf�


      Joie/Dead Blonde Girlfriend (http://www.joiedbg.com) is a landmark of New York�s Downtown music scene.  His influences are proudly echoed in his powerful performances from within the musical traditions of the Stooges, the Ramones, Bob Dylan, and Johnny Cash.  He invades the stage like a man on a mission at a pace unmatched by anyone or any band.  He delivers sensitive, incisive, lyrical observations with a voice as old as time via a dark, musical path of lost love and self-examination and the never-ending faith of constant hope in a beautifully insane world. Joie/DBG is the voice of tomorrow, today.  His presence has been felt by the European press, radio, and music industry as well as New York�s Downtown music press. 

      Please email insideoutrechord@... for a press kit and a CD or go to http://www.joiedbg.com.



      PRICE:  Free, with a two-drink minimum.


      VENUE DETAILS:  11.00 p.m., Saturday, 21 September 2002 at Sidewalk Caf� (corner of 6th and Avenue A).  Call the Sidewalk at 212.473.7373.


      TRANSPORTATION:  Take the F train to 2nd Avenue.


      P.O. BOX 252  ~  NEW YORK, NY 10116-0252

      OFFICE:  917.776.4696  ~  cjgproductions@...


      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                CONTACT:  J. Blaney, joie@...




      (NEW YORK22 September, 2002):  The Raven Open Stage is not an open mic, and it isn�t just a place for the East Village Elite or the privileged few to stroke their egos.  The Raven Open Stage is an open forum for everyone to perform.  All are welcome to express their creative desires.  It�s a place where you can be yourself.  Hosting this local institution for over three and a half years is Antifolk, acoustic-punk performer Joie from Dead Blonde Girlfriend (www.joiedbg.com).  He continues to invite one and all to participate in one of the coolest open stages in the New York City music scene. Sign up is every Wednesday at 6.30 p.m.  The show starts at 7.00 and ends at 11.00.  A new Open Stage Feature is the once a month recording and streaming of the open stage for those who can�t make it down and the rest of the world surfing the web.  Listen in and find out what�s going on at the Raven Caf� (www.ravenopenstage.com).  Come witness some incredible music, and watch the future of music as it happens.

      Acoustic singer/songwriters, poets, misfits, traveling musicians, and performance artists are all invited to express themselves where some of the most gifted performers have graced the Raven Open Stage for more than three and a half years.  You don�t have to be good. You don�t have to be polished. You don�t have to be anything you don�t want to be.  You just have to want to have fun. Past performers include Joie/DBG, Hamell on Trial, Rick Shapiro, Adam and Kimya (Moldy Peaches), Toby Goodshank, Cockroach Bernstein (Larval Organs), Timothy Dark, Chris Barron (Spin Doctors), Jeff Lewis, Fenton Lawless, Paleface, and Lach, among others.  It�s a great place to perform or just hang out and watch.  If you have no place to go, this is the place for you.


      PRICE: It�s FREE, with a two-drink minimum. 


      VENUE DETAILS: Signup is at 6.30 p.m. every Wednesday at the Raven Caf�, 194 Avenue A (northeast corner of 12th Street). Call the Raven at 212.529.4712. 


      TRANSPORTATION: Take the F train to 2nd Avenue, the L to First Avenue, or the 6 to Astor Place.


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    • steve glotzer
      soul sacrifice, a tribute to santana Hello Soul Sacrifice fans! Soul Sacrifice has released a music video shot of the band live at Band on the Bricks summer
      Message 54 of 54 , Sep 2, 2008
        soul sacrifice, a tribute to santana
        Hello Soul Sacrifice fans!
        Soul Sacrifice has released a music video shot of the band live at 'Band
        on the Bricks' summer concert series last July in Boulder. We hope you
        will all take a
        (length 5 minutes) and click on the link below to watch. This was a
        show produced by ch. 22 and also features interviews with some of the
        band members. We are
        also asking that everyone view the video (again) tomorrow night,
        Wednesday, around the hour of 7pm. We are trying to get a feature spot
        on YouTube and a lot of
        people watch the video at the same time may accomplish this. We sure
        appreciate your support. Don't miss our next show at the Boulder Fall
        Fest, September 20,
        at 4:45.
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