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Playlist, Beyond the Lakes, 7-12-09

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  • Jerry Nelms
    Playlist Music from Beyond the Lakes Produced by Jerry Nelms, Namdar Mogharreban, Anil Mehta, and Brian Kearney Sundays, 8-10 pm Central Time, USA WDBX, 91.1
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2009
      Music from Beyond the Lakes
      Produced by Jerry Nelms, Namdar Mogharreban, Anil Mehta, and Brian Kearney
      Sundays, 8-10 pm Central Time, USA
      WDBX, 91.1 FM, Carbondale, Illinois (www.wdbx.org)

      Streamed LIVE at wdbx.scientistsuperstar.com
      Listen by going to www.wdbx.org and click on "Listen"

      This program featured music by Alice Russell; Koop; Lemongrass; Belleruche;
      Waldeck; Boozoo Bajou; Wax Poetic; Mandalay; dZihan & Kamien; TM Juke; Green
      Empathy; Sia; and Hird.

      July 12, 2009 program (produced by Brian Kearney)

      Alice Russell – Under the Munka Moon – Tru Thoughts – 2004
      Koop – Decadence Pure Global Chillout [compilation] – Deca Dance – 2003
      “Waltz for Koop”
      Lemongrass – Filmotheque – Lemongrass Music – 2007
      “Elle et Moi”
      “At Home”
      “Lonely Beach”
      Lemongrass – Ikebana – Lemongrass Music – 2007
      “Le Coup”
      Belleruche – The Express – Tru Thoughts - 2008
      Belleruche – Turntable Soul Music – Tru Thoughts – 2007
      Waldeck – Make My Day [EP] – Dope Noir Records - 2006
      Boozoo Bayou – Zen and the Art of Chilling 2 [compilation] – Ark 21 – 2002
      Wax Poetic – Wax Poetic – Atlantic/WEA - 2000
      Wax Poetic – Copenhagen – Nublu Music - 2006

      Mandalay – Solace – V2 Music Ltd - 2001
      dZihan and Kamien – Freaks and Icons – Six Degrees – 2000
      TM Juke – Maps from the Wilderness – Tru Thoughts – 2003
      “Fast Asleep”
      Alice Russell – My Favorite Letters – Tru Thoughts - 2005
      “To Know This”
      Green Empathy – Souvenirs – Peacelounge Recordings - 2007
      “Hindu Rush”
      Sia – Colour the Small One – Go! Beat - 2004
      TM Juke – Maps from the Wilderness – Tru Thoughts – 2003
      “In the Twilight”
      Hird – Moving On – Dealers of Nordic Music - 2004
      “Getting Closer”

      Profile of Beyond the Lakes:
      Music from Beyond the Lakes was first aired on Easter Sunday evening, 1996.
      Jerry Nelms began as the show's sole producer and host. Namdar Mogharreban
      joined as co-host that summer and began producing his first programs in the
      fall. And Anil Mehta and Brian Kearney joined as co-hosts just this year.
      Beyond the Lakes airs eclectic new age and contemplative world music, both
      ambient and rhythmic; electronic and acoustic; instrumental and vocal.
      Beyond the Lakes is thematically programmed each week. Jerry's understanding
      of "new age" music: it provides a space for the imagination, and, so, can
      take many different forms but always functions in that way of allowing the
      listener space for the play of the imagination.

      For airplay, send promotional materials to the appropriate producer/host

      Jerry Nelms, 205 Sunset Cove, Columbus, Ohio 43202. [NOTE: I am currently
      commuting between Columbus, OH, and Carbondale, IL. The fastest way to get
      the music to me is by sending it to the Columbus, Ohio, address.]
      Email: nelmsgerald@....
      All kinds of contemplative music: electronic ambience, spacemusic,
      ambient-acoustic, "traditional" newage (such as the old Windham Hill music),
      ensemble music, solo piano, piano + keyboards, piano + ensemble,
      contemplative guitar (such as Will Ackerman), harp, cello, violin, oboe,
      English horn, other European/American instruments, any contemplative vocal,
      contemplative singer/songwriter, Gregorian chant and other group vocals
      (such as Libera; Anuna), contemplative Celtic, contemplative Scandinavian,
      any contemplative world music/newage fusion, smooth jazz, "environmental"
      jazz (such as Jan Garbarek; John McLaughlin), classical sitar (such as Ravi

      Namdar Mogharreban, 501 S. Deer Lake Drive West, Carbondale, Illinois
      Email: namdar@....
      Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Mediterranean, African, Native American,
      Central and South American, world music fusion, electronic chill, rhythmic
      percussion, ney, oud, flamenco guitar, world music chant, smooth jazz.

      Anil Mehta, Apt. 15, 302 S. Poplar St., Carbondale, Illinois, USA 62901.
      Email: anil@....
      Classical Indian music, Sitar, Flute, sarod, violin, african drums and all
      percursion, Asian, classical, neo-classical, world music ambient,
      spacemusic, tamboura, tabla, didjeridoo, Jaltarang (rhythm from water filled
      bowls), orchestra. My favorites are: Percursion and orchestra, and Tablas.

      Brian Kearney, 16 Wind Wood Rd., Carbondale, Illiinois, USA 62902.
      Email: bkearney@....
      All kinds of guitar music: solo and ensemble acoustic and electric
      (non-ambient); electronic chill downbeat.

      Thanks to all musical artists for enriching our world!
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