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Beyond Experience Design: Innovation Forum and other events

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  • Nico Macdonald - Design Agenda
    Beyond Experience Design: Innovation Forum and other event To Experience Design London list members: I wanted to update you on the Experience Design London
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2007
      Beyond Experience Design: Innovation Forum and other event
      To Experience Design London list members:

      I wanted to update you on the Experience Design London initiative.

      With the input of Experience Design London members -- both as speakers, organisers and participants -- we have helped successfully established experience design in the UK, contributing to better digital and networked products and services for users. I believe the focus for people interested in effective progress in this area needs to move to innovation in general, and the broader social context of innovation in particular.

      To this end, I have started an Innovation Forum (next event this Thursday evening), to bring together researchers and academics, technologists and designers, business people and marketers, policy makers and administrators to share knowledge about their skills and current insights and projects. We have also started an Innovation Reading Circle to help develop innovation theory by facilitating rich, high-level and well-informed public discussion around key and related texts and discourses. More information on these two initiatives follows.

      I hope these initiatives will be of interest. In due course you will be invited to signup for lists announcing these initiatives and I hope many of your will choose to join. In the meantime, please see Future related events (below) for information on other events in this area.

      Finally, in order to get support for these and future industry initiatives I have planned, I would value endorsements for my role  as Experience Design London chair. If you have a LinkedIn account you can add them to >my experience profile. Or send them to me directly making clear that you are happy for the endorsements to be used publicly. Meanwhile, please contact me if you have any feedback, suggestions or questions.

      Nico Macdonald
      +44 7973 377 897

      Innovation Forum

      Next event: Soapboxes in cyberspace: how can the media facilitate debate online?

      When: 6:45 for 7 pm, Thursday 10 May 2007
      Where: The Guardian Newsroom, 60 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3GA (opposite the Guardian building)
      Cost: £15 (including post-event drinks)
      Booking: Is necessary and can be accessed via the event page (link below).

      At this event we will consider how the mainstream media can more effectively facilitate online debate and Weblog-based commentary around politics and current affairs. Joining the event panel will be:

      • Daniel Mermelstein, Product Manager 'Have Your Say', BBC News
      • Meg Pickard, Head of Communities and User Experience, Guardian Unlimited
      • Olivier Creiche, EMEA Vice President and General Manager, Six Apart
      • Lee Bryant, Co-founder, Headshift
      • Andrew Calcutt, Programme Leader, School of Social Sciences, Media and Cultural Studies, University of East London

      All event information can be found on the event page, including up-to-date speaker information and biographies, the >booking form, links to venue maps, and background reading for event preparation.

      Innovation Reading Circle

      The next Innovation Reading Circle discussion will be in late May/early June and will be on the theme of Affluence and happiness. See the >Future section of the Innovation Reading Circle site for more information. Email Nico Macdonald if you would like to take part.

      Archive and Future related events

      We have created an archive page for the Experience Design London group, and plan in due course to more extensively document the series. Included in this is a link to an Interaction Design Group on Upcoming.org, which will allow people to share relevant events in the UK and beyond. Note in particular the Ergonomics Society conference CREATE 2007: Creative Inventions, Innovations and Everyday Designs in HCI in June in London and the DUX (Designing for User eXperiences) conference in November in Chicago.

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