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Call for participation: DUX2005, San Francisco, November 3-5, 2005

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  • AIGA Experience Design London/Nico Macdo
    To AIGA Experience Design London attendees: You are probably aware that AIGA, ACM SIGGRAPH and SIGCHI are sponsoring the 2nd international DUX conference,
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      To AIGA Experience Design London attendees:

      You are probably aware that AIGA, ACM SIGGRAPH and SIGCHI are sponsoring the 2nd international DUX conference, 'Designing for User eXperience', which will take place 3-5 November, in San Francisco, CA at the Fort Mason Center, and is being chaired by Richard Anderson, Brian Blau, and John Zapolski.

      'Designing for User eXperience' is a great conference for practitioners in and around experience design interested in distilling and communicating their learning, and learning from others. The first conference, DUX2003, was a great success, as evinced in this review:

      - 'DUX - Five Lessons Learned' Erin Malone, June 30, 2003 http://www.boxesandarrows.com/archives/duxfive_lessons_learned.php

      It also contributed substantially to the AIGA Experience Design Case Study Archive:

      The DUX2005 program will focus on interaction design and visual communication, reflecting current trends in innovative user experience designs in areas including mobile device interfaces, data visualisation, design process, responsive environments, public art installations and live performance interfaces, consumer products and services, appliances, and game interaction.

      In the spirit of communicating your learning, we would strongly encourage you to consider preparing a submission.

      'Designing for User eXperience 2005' (DUX2005) invites submissions in four categories: Design Case Studies, Design Practice Studies, Design Research Studies, and (briefer) Design Sketches. Studies report on implemented designs and the methods and techniques people have used, specifying what worked, what did not work, and why. Sketches report on works in progress. Both studies and sketches will be presented in at the DUX2005 conference in an intimate theatre setting. Individual presentations will complement panel discussions, group presentations and tutorials.

      The downloadable 'Submission Kit' provides a template to further guide authors, and elaborates on details of language and format:

      -> The deadline for submissions to DUX2005 has been extended to Friday 1 July

      Bear in mind that this is a conference for practitioners rather than academics, and the submission formats are tailored accordingly. If you have never prepared a conference submission, please consider asking for a DUX2005 mentor, who will help you with your submission:

      Even if your submission weren't accepted, or you didn't have the budget to attend the conference in San Francisco, you would benefit from reflecting on your design process and solutions.

      And if you don't prepare a submission, we hope that you will consider taking part in DUX2005, and block out 3-5 November in your diary.

      Nico Macdonald
      Design Agenda and AIGA Experience Design London
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