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Event: DUX2003 -- Early registration discounts end Friday 9 May

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  • AIGA Experience Design London/Nico Macdo
    To AIGA Experience Design London attendees: You will have seen invites to DUX2003 in the last few event announcements. This is your last chance to get early
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2003
      Event: DUX2003 -- Early registration discounts end Fri
      To AIGA Experience Design London attendees:

      You will have seen invites to DUX2003 in the last few event announcements. This is your last chance to get early registration discounts for this much anticipated event. And if you are planning to attend you should also consider taking part in the 6th Advance for Design Summit, which takes place immediately before DUX, and in the same location. 

      Nico Macdonald
      Design Agenda and AIGA Experience Design London

      Register now! http://www.dux2003.org (Early registration discounts end Friday May 9.)

      DUX2003: Designing for User Experiences conference
      Organized by ACM SIGCHI, ACM SIGGRAPH, and AIGA Experience Design
      The Palace Hotel, San Francisco, CA  
      5-7 June, 2003

      Join an extraordinary and multidisciplinary group of top user experience designers for a weekend of insightful and inspiring discussion, reflection and debate!

      DUX2003 is an exciting new conference-- the first one to look at the user experience of digital interactions from the key related fields of human-computer interaction, business and design. The bringing together of these communities and perspectives is being made possible by the first joint venture between ACM/SIGCHI, SIGGRAPH and the AIGA Experience Design community.

      This conference will look at all facets of the product/service development lifecycle and at other organizational touch points that affect users' experiences. The results of the conference will contribute to the growing body of knowledge in the AIGA Experience Design Case Study Archive and the ACM Digital Library.

      The conference program will feature prominent designers, business analysts, researchers, and educators via presentations and discussions of design cases, design practice, design research, invited plenary speakers and panelists.

      ******* NEW!!! *********

      Bill Buxton: As a designer, teacher and researcher concerned with human aspects of technology, Bill's work focuses on the use of technology to support design, filmmaking and music. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of CS at the U. of Toronto and was Chief Scientist of Alias|Wavefront, and its parent company SGI Inc.

      Stephanie Yost Cameron: Stephanie is the general counsel and senior vice president, business & legal affairs, at NeoPets Inc., the top-rated "Gen Y" entertainment and media Internet website.  Ms. Cameron has lectured extensively on entertainment and new media topics, and is on the Advisory Board of the Children's Advertising Review Unit, a division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus that acts as the children's advertising industry's self-regulatory forum.

      Mitch Kapor: As an entrepreneur, investor, social activist, and philanthropist, Mitch has been at the forefront of the information technology revolution for a generation.  He founded Lotus Development Corp., the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Open Source
      Applications Foundation. His 1990 Software Design Manifesto was one of the first clear articulations of the idea that making useful, usable, delightful software is a design problem, not an engineering problem.

      Sara Little Turnbull: A design advisor to corporate CEOs, national governments, and prestigious universities, 85-year-old Sara Little Turnbull has been a powerful and influential voice in strategic design development over the past six decades.  Trained in design and cultural anthropology, she is now director of the Process of Change, Innovation, and Design Laboratory of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.


      The DUX 2003 program will feature accepted submissions of real-world design practices, research, and cases from around the globe, creatively combined in sessions moderated by leading design practitioners and theorists. You will leave with insights and best practices you can teach or apply on your next project.

      * DUX in Practice I
      A diverse collection of stories about the experience of designing for user experiences

      * Informing DUX
      A focus on research and collaboration techniques that can effectively
      guide the design process

      * Focusing on User-to-Product Relationships
      Several looks at the role users' relationships to products can play in design and product success

      * DUX in Practice II
      A second collection of stories about the experience of designing for user experiences

      * Dealing with Constraints
      Addressing real world factors that impact and influence successful design for user experiences

      * Organizational/Business Issues
      Examining the role of user experience design in creating organizational change

      * The Scope of User Experience
      An invited panel of user experience practitioners that will discuss the unique goals, values, and boundaries of designing for user experiences

      TUTORIALS: DUX2003 will also feature half-day tutorials exploring the
      impact and creation of user experience from four key perspectives:

      1 Business and user experience
      Dr. Sara Beckman of the Haas Business School at UC Berkeley

      2 Visual design and user experience
      Maria Giudice of the leading design bureau Hot Studio

      3 Interaction design and user experience
      Marc Rettig of Carnegie Mellon's Graduate School of Design

      4 Computer Graphics, Entertainment and user experience
      Katherine Jones of the leading design bureau for technology and
      entertainment: Milkshake Media.

      Register now! http://www.dux2003.org/
      (Early registration discounts end May 9.)

      The DUX Conference is made possible through our major sponsor:
      ******* ADOBE SYSTEMS *********

      * our Friends of DUX sponsors:
        SUN Microsystems, BayCHI and AIGA Experience Design;
      * and our organizing societies:
        ACM/SIGCHI, ACM/SIGGRAPH and AIGA Experience Design
      DUX2003 conference committee:

      Richard Anderson
      Jonathan Arnowitz
      Alan Chalmers
      Eugene Chen
      Peter Merholz
      Shel Perkins
      Terry Swack
      John Zapolski
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