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Event: The Aesthetics of Code - Wednesday 12 March

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  • AIGA Experience Design London/Nico Macdo
    Please feel free to circulate this to colleagues and friends. If you are not already on the AIGAExpDesLondon list please join (details at the end). - - - - -
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2003
      Please feel free to circulate this to colleagues and friends. If you are not already on the 'AIGAExpDesLondon' list please join (details at the end).

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      You are invited to the thirty-first AIGA Experience Design London meeting.

      Wednesday 12 March, 6:30 for 7PM (until 8:45 PM)
      The Design Council, 34 Bow Street, London WC2E 7DL
      (opposite the Royal Opera House)
      There is no payment to attend. Please email all enquiries to
      this address, not the Design Council.

      - - - -
      Last month the Oxford Internet Institute considered the Politics of Code (http://pcmlp.socleg.ox.ac.uk/code/). At this event we will discuss the Aesthetics of Code. Code is the raw material upon which interaction design is built but designers typically have little sense of its texture or its characteristics. As MIT Media Lab Professor John Maeda has argued "We're in an age when the painter doesn't really know about paint". Although interaction designers might not need to be able to code, real digital creativity may be the source of future innovation in design. "In order for design to evolve, art has to evolve first", argues Maeda, "because art is the mother and father of design".

      - - - -
      Presentations: The Aesthetics of Code
      -- Danny Brown will review the history of digital art and design experimentation, and discuss his current work with SHOWstudio. Simon Wistow will consider beauty and elegance in programming from an engineering perspective, and reflect on what constitutes well-designed code. Casey Reas will discuss qualities of ideal programming languages for artists and designers, and the forms they may take. He will also present Processing, a platform for learning the fundamentals of computer programming.
      - SHOWstudio New Media Director Daniel Brown is a practitioner focusing
      on interactive and digital media. He is recognised for creating
      pioneering digital experiences such as noodlebox.com, and many of his
      works have appeared in shows and galleries around the world, including
      the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Design Museum in
      London. He is currently resident at SHOWstudio, created by renowned
      fashion photographer Nick Knight and art director Peter Saville.
      Daniel's work can be seen at http://www.play-create.com/ and
      - Simon Wistow is currently a search programmer at Yahoo! in London.
      Prior to this engagement he has dabbled in games, mobile phone R&D, and
      WAP, and done his obligatory stint in new media. He has presented
      on subjects including Perl, games and music, and Generative Flash.
      - Casey Reas is an artist and educator exploring abstract kinetic systems
      through diverse digital media including software art, prints, animation,
      installations, and responsive sculpture. His work focuses on generating
      systems that produce behaviour, and exploring issues of control and
      communication between people and machines. Reas is currently an
      Associate Professor at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea where
      he teaches courses in interaction design, wearable computing, and
      visual communication. Reas received his MS degree in Media Arts and
      Sciences from the MIT Media Lab, where he was a member of
      John Maeda's Aesthetics & Computation Group (ACG). With Ben Fry of
      the MIT Media Lab, he is developing Processing, a platform for
      learning fundamentals of computer programming within the context
      of the media arts.

      - - - -
      We are looking for sponsorship for AIGA Experience Design London events. The Design Council kindly continues to sponsor our events, but we need additional sponsorship if we are to provide drinks and refreshments to all attendees. If your company or organisation might be interested in sponsorship please reply to this mail and we will forward you a sponsorship proposal.

      June 5-7 2003, San Francisco
      - - - -
      DUX2003 will gather together designers of all kinds to truly understand not only what makes for a quality user experience, but also what factors contribute to the creation of a success or a failure. DUX2003 will look at all facets of the product/service development lifecycle and at other facets of a business, and business decisions, that affect the user experience. The core presentations will be based on peer-reviewed design case-, practice-, or research-studies and sketches, and over 100 submissions were received:
      If you register before 5 May, you will receive a special discount of $200 off the normal registration price. Discounts apply for members of AIGA, ACM/SIGCHI, ACM/SIGGRAPH, and for full-time students:

      - - - -
      Our Wednesday 16 April will focus on service design and we hope to have presentations from London-based Live|work and others. The theme for the Wednesday 7 May event will be 'The network meets the real world' featuring a presentation by nomadic architect Tobi Schneidler, who will be in London for the Central Saint Martins/Tate Modern 'user_mode' conference.
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