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Event: Evaluating design effectiveness - Wednesday 23 October

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  • AIGA Experience Design London/Nico Macdo
    Please feel free to circulate this to colleagues and friends. If you are not already on the lonadv4design list please join (details at the end). - - - - - -
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      Please feel free to circulate this to colleagues and friends. If you are not already on the 'lonadv4design' list please join (details at the end).

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      You are invited to the twenty-sixth AIGA Experience Design London meeting.

      Wednesday 23 October, 6:30 for 7PM (until about 9PM)
      The Design Council, 34 Bow Street, London WC2E 7DL
      (opposite the Royal Opera House)
      There is no payment to attend. Please email all enquiries to
      this address, not the Design Council.

      - - - -
      At this month's event we look at how we can evaluate design effectiveness. We also invite anyone interested to present their favourite tool for thinking, doing or communicating. We have also agreed with the RSA and Doors of Perception discounts for current list members to forthcoming conferences.

      - - - -
      Round table: Evaluating design effectiveness
      -- Everyone has an opinion about Web sites that are well and badly designed, but much commentary, both positive and critical, fails to explain how an evaluation was arrived at. Evaluating design effectiveness is particularly important for clients, who need to get a sense of their return on their investment, but also for designers and students, who can improve their own design skills, and for teachers, journalists and analysts, who can become more informed mediators. We have gathered a panel including a designer, a teacher, a journalist who has also judged professional awards, and someone is involved in evaluating design, to present their views and provoke a discussion.
      - Meriel Lenfestey, Founder and MD, Flow Interactive
      - Gerry Leonidas, Lecturer in the Department of Typography and Graphic
      Communication, University of Reading
      - Ann Light, Editor of UsabilityNews.com, visiting research fellow at
      the University of Sussex, and a judge for the Brighton and Hove
      Virtual Festival Web Awards
      - Jack Schulze, designer

      Presentations: Top tools
      -- Your input is requested... What are your favourite tools for thinking, doing or communicating? What techniques, methods or processes do you insist on teaching your colleagues and collaborators? It could be a technique for sketching systems, a method for interviewing people, a process for helping clients appreciate the consequences of their decisions, a technique for presenting work to elucidate appropriate responses, or a method for planning content structure. Come and tell us about it for five minutes! You can stand and talk, give a short presentation, or run an exercise with handouts -- whatever you see fit. Mail us now:

      - - - -
      RSA: Interface - User and Machine
      Wednesday 6 November 2002, London
      -- The RSA (or the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce to give it is full title) has a long running interest in design, focused around its annual Student Design Awards scheme. In the past fifteen years, it has also been closely involved in the encouragement of inclusive design. This conference aims to bring together designers, industry, policy makers and academics to discuss and debate the challenges around usability and access within design education and industry. Current members of this list can attend this event for GBP120 (full price GBP150).
      Quote 'AIGA Experience Design' when booking.

      Doors of Perception 7: Flow - The design challenge of pervasive computing
      14-16 November 2002, Amsterdam
      -- Many of you will be familiar with the Doors conference series, and may remember the report back from the stimulating Doors 6 conference which took the theme of 'Lightness'. 'Flow' is highly recommended, and is a great chance to join an audience of smart people from around Europe and around the world. Current members of this list will receive a 100 Euro discount on the early booking rate of 750 Euro (exclusive of VAT).
      On the first registration screen where it says 'Reduced fee for... AIGA Experience Design London members' enter the email address at which you receive list postings. On the following 'Registration details' check 'AIGA Experience Design London member'.

      - - - -
      On Wednesday 13 November Lou Rosenfeld, co-author of 'Information Architecture for the World Wide Web' (http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/infotecture2/),
      will present a talk entitled 'The Emergence of Information Architecture'. Rosenfeld is in London for the Nielsen Norman Group's 'Usability Week 2002' tutorials (http://www.nngroup.com/events/).

      In December our event will focus on the role of aesthetics and emotion in designing computer-based systems. The provisional date for this event is Thursday 5 December.

      And the call for participation has just gone out for Designing for User Experiences (DUX2003), a joint conference on interactive digital design with AIGA, SIGCHI and SIGGRAPH that will take place in San Francisco 5-7 June 2003.

      - - - -
      Gain 2.0
      -- The new AIGA Gain publication focuses on the intersection of design and business, following real-world projects from conception in order to see how thoughtful design and execution can help solve challenging problems in society and business. It is edited by new media design veteran Gong Szeto. The current issue features an interview with 'The Future and Its Enemies' author Virginia Postrel entitled 'Pricing beauty', and a case study on the design of the legendary Airstream trailer.

      - - - -
      If you are not already on it please sign up to our announcement list at:
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