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Invite: 5th AIGA Advance for Design Summit -- 11-13 July 2002

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  • AIGA Experience Design London/Nico Macdo
    To all on AIGA Experience Design London list members: You are invited to our 5th Advance for Design Summit -- Thursday, July 11 to Saturday, July 13, 2002 Las
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      To all on AIGA Experience Design London list members:

      You are invited to our 5th Advance for Design Summit --

      Thursday, July 11 to Saturday, July 13, 2002
      Las Vegas, Nevada
      Bellagio Hotel

      This is a great opportunity to continue and develop the discussions we have each month in London along with your colleagues from around the world (and of course the US). The Summit offers two days of informed and stimulating debate about the current issues and opportunities we face, stimulated by talks, breakout sessions and 'show and tells'.

      If you still have a conference budget or can afford to get to the Summit by other means I strongly encourage you to. If you haven't been to Las Vegas the experience itself is probably hard to over-estimate. Full details about the Summit follow.

      Nico Macdonald

      PS: The 'Usability vs Innovation' debate is fully booked. We won't be able to accommodate anyone who didn't RSVP in time.

      Following are the presenters who will inspire, provoke and facilitate this year's conversations.


      SECTION 1: Opportunity
      * James Woudhuysen, writer, broadcaster and specialist in forecasting the future of corporations and technology users.

      SECTION 2: ROI and alternative measures
      * Artie Wu, CEO, Vividence

      SECTION 3: Redesigning practice
      * Alan Cooper, founder, Cooper
      * Nico Macdonald, journalist and consultant, Design Agenda

      SECTION 4: Repositioning the practice
      * Peter Morville, President, Semantic Studios
      * David Rose, CEO, Ambient Devices
      * Lou Rosenfeld, writer, speaker, consultant and IA spiritual leader

      Below is the schedule and registration information -- we look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!

      We find ourselves at an inflection point-a moment of dramatic change. This is a time to reflect, identify, innovate and capitalize on the new opportunities that are building and sustaining businesses in the present and future.

      Many of us have been reinventing ourselves and our practices post-bubble. Our fundamental skills (assets) enable us to give form (visual, structural, behavioral and social) to ideas, mediate and facilitate, relate solutions to problems and opportunities and make things understandable, accessible, useful, usable and desirable.

      This year, we will discuss and explore how Experience Design can be better integrated into business to maximize our assets and integrate our insights, processes and values to build and sustain successful business. We will discuss how experience designers of all kinds can better collaborate with other team members and co-workers to be more effective. We'll concentrate on strategies for the future, and of course, we'll continue our tradition of Show & Tells.

      Please join us for what promises to be a seminal meeting. Mark your calendars and watch for presenter information in the coming weeks!


      6:00pm Check-in
      7:00pm Opening dinner
      8:30pm Introduction and context, Terry Swack, Clement Mok, Nathan Shedroff

      SECTION 1: Opportunity / James Woudhuysen
      * Current landscape in business, economics and society
      * Integration of business, experience and technology -- what are the opportunities?
      * Understanding the emotional content of experience
      * The emerging business trend of sustainability reporting -- the "triple bottom line" -- economic, environmental, and social

      10:30-11:00 Break

      SECTION 2: ROI and alternative measures / Artie Wu
      * How can we learn to speak the language of business value and present our work in that context?
      * What processes do we have to measure the ROI of experience?

      12:30-2:00 Lunch

      SECTION 3: Redesigning practice / Alan Cooper / Nico Macdonald
      * What can we learn from our successes and failures in advancing the design for experience profession?
      * How are firms reconfiguring and practitioners reinventing themselves in the post-bubble era?
      * What can we learn from the emergence of the CIO in the 90's to shape the role of a CXO (or whatever name we create for the C-level executive we'd play)

      3:30-4:00 Break

      SECTION 4: Repositioning the practice / Peter Morville / David Rose / Lou Rosenfeld
      * We have a role to play in articulating our future in helping business and technology folks make their ideas real. Where are the new horizons?
      - findability
      - enterprise architecture
      - smart products

      * Breakout preparation:
      At end of Friday, ED steering committee members and presenters will meet to capture issues for Saturday's breakout topics. The topics should address the question: 'Knowing what we now know, what should our outreach efforts be to clients, partners and educational institutions, individually and collectively?' This will give us time to group, identify and categorize the class of problems and issues to work on for Saturday's session after the Show & Tells. The purpose of the breakouts is to create position statements, guidelines or research topics.

      Friday evening event: Cirque de Soleil's O!
      Many people will be attending the 10:30pm show on Friday night. This is one of the most elaborate and magical experiences the famous company has created. The theater is specially created to house and manage the production since it is performed in and on water. If you would like to attend, you will need to buy tickets yourself (or band together and purchase them en masse). We suggest you purchase your tickets when you register for your room at the Bellagio as hotel guests get preferred seats. The performances always sell out well in advance, so you should do this soon if you're interested.

      The exciting stuff going on in the AIGA ED community
      - Experience Design case study initiative and preview of DUX publishing formats (The Design for User Experience Conference -- DUX -- will be in late spring 2003 and is co-sponsored by AIGA ED, SIGCHI and SIGGRAPH)
      - AIGA ED local group initiatives

      10-11:30 Show and Tell (2 concurrent locations)

      11:30-12 Group photo, break

      12-12:30 Select breakout topics and begin

      12:30-2 lunch with breakout groups

      3:00-6 Present breakout findings, wrap-up

      SHOW & TELLS
      The most popular AFD Summit tradition. This year they'll will be presented on a first-come, first-serve basis. We'll be running two sessions concurrently but won't have time for everyone to present.

      What is a Show & Tell presentation? This format was designed to provide a way to continue to describe and share what we do and how we do it. Each one is ten minutes TOTAL -- seven for presentation, and three for Q+A -- and are strictly timed to keep the pace going.

      Show & Tells topics:
      - how design can make a difference in an organization
      - methods of collaboration
      - measurable outcomes
      - book reviews
      - case studies
      - how we present ourselves (no business pitches please ;)
      - education/school reports
      - other issues important to you

      Participants should bring:
      1) Any Type Of Artifact -- A Paper Sketch, A Diagram, A Demo, A PowerPoint Presentation, A Framework -- Anything! Bring A Pin-upable Or Projectable Version Of This Artifact.
      2) A disk with a 1-2 paragraph summary of the purpose of the use of your artifact, and a PDF version of your artifact (if possible) for posting on the AIGA ED Web site.

      We're already scheduling them now. Please contact Margaret or Nathan to get on the agenda (mm@..., nathan@...).

      Las Vegas
      3600 Las Vegas Blvd. South
      Las Vegas, NV 89109

      Room rate is $159 for standard single or double occupancy, plus tax. To make your reservation, call 888 987 6667 and ask for the "AIGA Experience Design Summit" room block.

      REGISTRATION (same costs as last year)
      $550 U.S. dollars Experience Design (and AIGA) member
      $625 U.S. dollars AIGA member
      $850 U.S. dollars nonmember

      Register now at: http://www.aiga.org/fifthadvancefordesignsummit

      Las Vegas is one big experience -- see you there!

      Terry Swack, national AIGA Experience Design chair, ED Meetings & Conferences co-chair
      Nathan Shedroff, Experience Design Meetings & Conferences co-chair
      Clement Mok, president, AIGA

      Even if you can't attend, we invite you to join the AIGA Experience Design community http://www.experiencedesign.aiga.org/ and/or sign up for the Yahoo Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AIGAExperienceDesign/
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