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Event: Simplicity - Thursday 2 May

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  • AIGA Experience Design London/Nico Macdo
    Please feel free to circulate this to colleagues and friends. If you are not already on the lonadv4design list please join (details at the end). - - - - - -
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 24, 2002
      Please feel free to circulate this to colleagues and friends. If you are not already on the 'lonadv4design' list please join (details at the end).

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      You are invited to the twenty-second AIGA Experience Design London meeting.

      Thursday 2 May, 6:30 for 7PM (until about 8:30PM)
      The Design Council, 34 Bow Street, London WC2E 7DL
      (opposite the Royal Opera House)
      There is no payment to attend. Please email all enquiries to
      this address, not the Design Council.

      - - - -
      At this month's event we will have a presentation from Neil Gibb, and the remainder of the event will be devoted to getting you up-to-speed with the conference that your super-slim conference budgets may not have stretched to.

      - - - -
      Presentation: 'Simply Wonderful' Neil Gibb
      -- Simply Wonderful will be an entertaining, thought-provoking and challenging look at the power of simplification over complexity. During the talk Neil will show why he believes simplification is fundamental to great design and communication, with examples from some of the leading practitioners in the field, as well as showing how simplification fits into the overall design process.
      - For the last four years Neil has been making a living primarily in
      the e-world: first as a senior consultant at Shandwick Interactive
      (now part of Zentropy), where his team won a DBA Design Effectiveness
      Award for shell.com, then as a Director of User Experience at
      both Sapient and Scient. Prior to that Neil was a Senior Consultant
      in Siegel & Gale's Simplified Communications team. His second novel,
      'Bleached White', was published last year, and he is currently
      co-authoring a new book with Seamus Smyth entitled 'High
      Growth Innovation'.

      Report back: Recent conferences
      -- '2002 IA Summit: Refining Our Craft' March 15-17 2002, Baltimore, MD
      Organised by the American Society for Information Science and
      Technology, this event brought together people from business and
      practice to discuss current practice in information architecture
      and related research. Keynote speakers included Steve Krug and
      Peter Morville
      Report from Matt Jones, BBC New Media
      -- 'AIGA Voice 2' 21-23 March, Washington, DC
      The AIGA's bi-annual National Conference, devoted this time to
      a debate about design ethics, and the impact of September 11.
      Report from Matt Jones, BBC New Media
      -- 'CHI2002|AIGA Experience Design FORUM' 20-21 March 2002,
      Minneapolis, MN
      A collaborative event between HCI and design organisations, focused
      around peer-reviewed case studies of design projects.
      Report from Nico Macdonald
      -- CHI 2002: 22-25 April, Minneapolis, MN
      The largest annual conference on human-computer interaction, with
      over 1,700 attendees, CHI is now 20 years old. From presentations
      of papers to panel discussions and demos, via a session entitled
      'Ask Jakob' to a performance by Stellarc.
      Report from Andrea Gallagher, Scient

      - - - -
      You and any of your friends and colleagues who are interested in building an interdisciplinary community of professionals who design for a world in which experiences are increasingly digital and connected. You do _not_ need to be an AIGA member to attend this gathering. (More on the mission and activities of the AIGA Experience Design group at http://experience.aiga.org/)

      - - - -
      Our next event will be on Thursday 6 June 2002, and will address usability vs innovation, and design-driven product research and development.

      - - - -
      If you are not already on it please sign up to our announcement list at:
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