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Event: Branding and the Internet - Thursday 10 May

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  • Advance for Design London/Nico Macdonald
    Please feel free to circulate this to colleagues and friends. If you are not already on the lonadv4design list please join (details at the end). - - - - - -
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2001
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      Please feel free to circulate this to colleagues and friends. If you are not already on the 'lonadv4design' list please join (details at the end).

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      You are invited to the thirteenth Advance for Design London meeting.

      Thursday 10 (not 3) May, 6:30 for 7PM (until about 9PM)
      The Design Council, 34 Bow Street, London WC2E 7DL
      (opposite the Royal Opera House)
      Please email all enquiries to this address, not the Design Council.

      - - - -
      Brands and branding are a big deal in the design and business world today, with companies such as Coca-Cola largely value on the basis of their brand. The supposed power of brands is echoed in the discussion kicked off by Naomi Klein's anti-branding manifesto 'No Logo'. We would assume that branding ought to be as important online as it appears to be in the real world, but discussions of design for the Internet focus on time- and user-based interaction, navigation, information architecture, speed, platform independence, usability and desirability. Is the brand the 'experience' of all these elements? Or perhaps it a term that obscures understanding of design in this medium. Can there be consistency of branding across media? What is the relationship of technology and functionality to branding? What is the expectation of a brand online? And in an individualised network how do traditional monolithic brands fare? Perhaps the Internet could be the saviour of a troubled brands. We expect some heated and enlightening discussion.

      - - - -
      Presentations: Branding and the Internet
      -- Presentations will be 10-15 minutes, with time for questions and discussion after each one, and also after the presentations are concluded. The participants are:
      - Darryl Feldman, Sapient
      - Nick Durrant, FutureBrand
      - Kevin McCullagh, Seymour Powell Forecasting
      -- Biographies:
      - Darryl Feldman is Creative Director at Sapient in London, currently based
      in New York where he is working on a number of global projects. He has
      been involved in interactive media for 12 years and is still trying
      to figure out how technology can be harnessed to make our lives better.
      - Nick Durrant wanted to be a lighthouse keeper but ended up as a strategy
      and interaction design consultant. His professional history encompasses
      conceptual art; numerous small, medium and large groupware technology
      companies in pre-web Silicon Valley; brand experience design and
      development; and now strategic directions at FutureBrand's digital
      practice. His personal mission is to overcome industrial inertia by
      using a mixture of empathy and provocation to stimulate innovation.
      - Kevin McCullagh works for the forecasting arm of Seymour Powell
      Forecasting as a product strategist. Social and design trends are his
      game, pocketable technology his weakness. An industrial designer by
      training, Kevin has also done postgraduate research and teaching in both
      the computer-aided and the social, cultural and business dimensions
      of design. A copy of his article 'Brand Aid', published in the January/
      February 2001 issue of 'New Design' magazine is available:
      from now until 11 May. (The file is a 1Mb PDF.) If you like the article
      you should consider subscribing to the magazine:

      - - - -
      You and any of your friends and colleagues who are interested in or challenged to design for a world that is increasingly digital and connected. You do _not_ need to be an AIGA member to come to this gathering.

      - - - -
      Our next event is on Thursday 7 June, and will be an 'Interactionary' (an idea liberally filched from the last two CHI conferences) where everyone attending will be part of a team with 15 minutes to solve the same interaction design problem. Each team will present their solution and the thinking behind it to a panel of judges, who will decide which team has the best approach. Non-designers will also be welcome to take part. Peninah Goldman of Trilogy will oversee the proceedings. The following month, possibly on Friday 6 July, we hope to have a more public event on the role of design in online publishing, and the experience of designers who have moved from editorial design in print to embrace the Internet. This will be a satellite event to the NetMedia2001 conference that runs from 4-6 July (http://www.net-media.co.uk/conference/).

      - - - -
      Last month's event on 'Experience Design '"After the Fall"', was attended by around 90 people. A link to Matt Jones's excellent presentation can be found at:

      - - - -
      Design, as it evolves, has yet to be defined in ways which are broadly accepted, yet its substance is understood by its practitioners: user behavior and experience; look and feel; functionality and engineering; experience with the effectiveness of time and motion; and the impact of these experiences on structure, language and navigation. Continued at...

      - - - -
      If you are not already on it please sign up to our announcement list at:

      Nico Macdonald
      Design Agenda and Advance for Design London
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