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Event: Design trends and Ethnography - Thursday 8 March

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  • Advance for Design London/Nico Macdonald
    Please feel free to circulate this to colleagues and friends. If you are not already on the lonadv4design list please join (details at the end). - - - - - -
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2001
      Please feel free to circulate this to colleagues and friends. If you are not already on the 'lonadv4design' list please join (details at the end).

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      You are invited to the eleventh Advance for Design London meeting. This month we are getting together on the _second Thursday_.

      Thursday 8 (not 1) March, 6:30 for 7PM (until about 8:45PM)
      The Design Council, 34 Bow Street, London WC2E 7DL
      (opposite the Royal Opera House)

      - - - -
      This month we are looking at the major socio-economic and lifestyle trends that will shape design, and successful products of design, in the next five to ten years. We will then look at the role of ethnography in design and what it can tell about the real context of use of the people we design for. We hope that these two presentations will help designers, and their clients, better understand what kinds of products should be developed and how their audience might be best understood, such that the products truly complement their lives.

      - - - -
      Presentation: Designing for New Century Lifestyles
      -- To create products and services that are a genuine joy to own and use, it is important to consider the fit of these products and services with the values, aspirations and lifestyles of those for whom they are designed. In this presentation Patrick Jordan will outline eight trends that he anticipates will have a major impact on Westernised societies both over the next five to ten years. He will consider the implications of these trends for design and technology, with examples that illustrate the early signs of their effects.
      - Patrick Jordan is CEO and Director of the Contemporary Trends Institute,
      an international trends and branding consultancy. He is also Head of User
      Research at Symbian, a joint venture mobile communications company owned
      by Motorola, Nokia, Psion, Ericsson and Panasonic. Previously, Pat was
      Director of the Trends and Identity Unit at Philips Electronics, with
      responsibility for communicating brand image. He has over 60 publications
      in peer reviewed journals, books and conference proceedings, has written
      or edited five books and is currently Europe's best selling author in his
      field. His forthcoming book 'Supertrends' will be published by Kogan-Page
      in 2002.

      Presentation: Applying Ethnography to Design -- Hot Air or Holy Grail?
      -- What is ethnography? What is the case for using it, and what does it offer that conventional research cannot? Is it (like usability) a valuable panacea or will it be a nine day wonder? Elizabeth Anderson and Simon Rubens will illustrate the use of ethnography and experience modelling using case studies and examples.
      - Elizabeth Anderson is Director of Experience Modeling at Sapient.
      She joined in October of 1999 with the acquisition of E-Lab, a design
      research consultancy based in Chicago. She specialises in understanding
      consumer behavior, and turning that understanding into business
      opportunities and solutions. She has led experience modelling teams in
      conducting research and informing solutions for the financial services,
      consumer electronics, telecommunications, and food industries.
      Elizabeth received her PhD in American Studies from the University
      of Minnesota.
      - Simon Rubens is a director of Experience Modeling at Sapient, which he joined
      last year. Simon began his career in advertising, working at Saatchi &
      Saatchi for nine years. After two years working in industrial design and
      lecturing in ergonomics Simon joined Siegelgale where he was a senior
      consultant for five years. He has a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in
      Ergonomics, has had academic papers published, and written for
      mainstream publications including 'Design'.

      - - - -
      You and any of your friends and colleagues who are interested in or challenged to design for a world that is increasingly digital and connected. You do _not_ need to be an AIGA member to come to this gathering.

      - - - -
      Our next event is on Thursday 12 April (the second Thursday again, so we don't conflict with CHI http://www.acm.org/sigs/sigchi/chi2001/). The program is still in development. Suggestions and ideas are of course welcome.

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      Write-ups of all previous events are at:

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      Design, as it evolves, has yet to be defined in ways which are broadly accepted, yet its substance is understood by its practitioners: user behavior and experience; look and feel; functionality and engineering; experience with the effectiveness of time and motion; and the impact of these experiences on structure, language and navigation. Continued at...

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      If you are not already on it please sign up to our announcement list at:

      Nico Macdonald
      Design Agenda and Advance for Design London
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