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Treatment War and Rights of PLHIVs

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  • Hari Singh <hari_singhdnpplus@yahoo.co.i
    Dear Forum,   At Civil Hospital Gurgao (Haryana State) i found inhuman and misbehavior of some of the Emergency Doctor s. A case was refered to me in
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2011
    Dear Forum,
    At Civil Hospital Gurgao (Haryana State) i
    found inhuman and misbehavior of some of the Emergency Doctor's.

    A case was refered to me in Delhi and i met HIV+ couple they shared me all problems and ground realties of a pregnant womens difficulties.

    Husband is constable of Haryana police his wife diagnose HIV+ in 2008 at civil Hospital Gurgao in ICTC. In 2010 when she waspregnant she visited the civil hospital for follow-up and doctor know both of their HIV status.

    When she come for our labor pain time/delivery to Civil Hospital Gurgao doctors at emergency denaied & refuseed her treatment and they advice to go to Delhi Hospitals and they tell them they have no treatment for AIDS patients.

    Hearing this she went to private nursing home or delivery.

    Before delivery she was found their HIV negative at nursing home.(Attached with plese see the HIV negtive result)

    She delivered a female baby in private nursing home and private doctor not given neveripine medicine and syrup to the mother and baby.

    After 15 days the baby died. For the death of this baby, who was responsible?

    I also emailed to NACO with all facts but nothing was done by NACO.

    Civil Hospital Gurgao and Haryana State AIDS control society and State Health Minister completely responsible all that.

    For all statement feel-free to contact me.

    We are here for complete treatment and quality of life with dignity and its our duty to raise facts front of SACS and NACO and others. 
    Regards  Kindly see the support documents as attachments

    Hari Singh

    Ex-National GIPA Coordinator
    Indian Network for People Living with HIV/AIDS
    Executive Board Member Dnp+
    skype id- hari.singh963
    Web- www.inpplus.net/dnpplus.net
    G-46, First Floor, Green Park Main,New Delhi-16
    Mob:+91 9891263535
    e-mail: <hari_singhdnpplus@...>
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