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26Constructing Social Explanations

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  • ricky becodo
    Sep 21, 2011
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      Dear Classmates and Dr. Espaldon,

      Attached is my report on Constructing Social explanations. Thank you!


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      To: Hà Quyền <haqdhau1@...>
      Cc: NVO Espaldon <voespaldon@...>; Andrew Gasmen <andgasmen@...>; Bettina Joyce Ilagan <bettinajoyce@...>; christopher mantillas <christophermantillas@...>; Gregoru Y. Ardaws JR <gardalesjr@...>; Lu Awn Nangzing <veronicalu@...>; Ludito V. Ramirez <dingramz7319@...>; Lynlei Pintor <lynlei14@...>; marivie camarinta <ma7virgin@...>; Moral Girsang <magirsang@...>; Ricky P. Becodo <rbecodo@...>
      Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2011 10:05 PM
      Subject: ppt_measurement

      Dear Dr.Espaldon and My classmates

      I attached files for my Powerpoints and video to you
      but in this powerpoints, I cannot insert video in the slide
      because it not synchronize. However I attached it in this email, already.

      Best reguards


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