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Any issue on the SPI module of the Aduc7020 chip?

Hello, I do encounter some spi issues with the ADUC7020. I amtrying to use it as a slave with a clock of 250Khz and clock phase=1 and clock polarity=1. I am
Sep 17, 2012

ADC on ADUC 7129

I have a question on ADUC7129. I would like to sample with 1 MSamples and I have written to following MMRs: (timer 1 as conversion input) Timer1: T1LD =
Mar 13, 2012

(no subject)

der Mann
Dec 9, 2011

Re: ADuC7020 program space 0x00080000 is invalid?!?

Hi all, See this discussion over at ADI's Engineer Zone: http://ez.analog.com/message/25925. In general it's fine to load at 0x00000000 because in serial
May 28, 2011

Re: ADuC7020 program space 0x00080000 is invalid?!?

Harry, An intel hex does not need to start with an 04 record, it depends entirely upon what address you complie the code to start from. The Wikipedia page is
May 28, 2011

Re: ADuC7020 program space 0x00080000 is invalid?!?

... ... Take a look at lpc21isp. It has support for at least some of the ADuC devices. It will at least give you a starting point for comparison.
Robert Adsett
May 27, 2011

Re: ADuC7020 program space 0x00080000 is invalid?!?

According to this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_HEX the first line in the hex file looks something like this ... 02 -Byte count 0000 -Address 04
harry olar
May 26, 2011

ADuC7020 program space 0x00080000 is invalid?!?

Hello, I'm writing a serial downloader for the ADuC702x series. I can send send a mass erase packet and have it acknowledged (and perform the erase).
May 25, 2011

Re: Own aduc7020 pcb design

Answering my own question as I found the problem some long while ago - stupidly enough I'd forgot to tie the JTAG pins high. Duuuh.... Cheers / P
Nov 28, 2010

Re: Can program run under external RAM of ADuC7026 ?

Hello Maybe an late reply: Of course it is possible to execute code drom external ram. 1st question is: How does to code get into the ram? Possibilities are
Jul 11, 2010

ADuC7129 and port 0.1 - 0.2

Hi there, anyone tinkered with the 7129? I've made some different PCBs and got it working fine apart from the fact that bits 1 and 2 on port 0 are simply dead,
Jun 2, 2010

some queries related to ADuC7020

Hi all, I am trying to build a data acquisition system using ADuC7020. The basic idea is to use one of A/D chanels, store data in SRAM, and when the SRAM is
    May 20, 2010
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    AW: [ADuC_ARM] RTOS on ADuC

    Try FreeRTOS www.freertos.org Jaime Andrés Aranguren Cardona jaime.aranguren@... jaime.aranguren@... ________________________________ Von:
    Jaime Andres Aranguren Cardona
    May 20, 2010

    RTOS on ADuC

    Hello, I am using ADUC7128 ARM and wanted to try out a RTOS on it. Even a kernel would just be fine I guess. I realised that there aren't a lot of OSes written
    May 17, 2010


    First probably you have to modify the startup file to handle the interrupts.The name of the file should be something like ADuC702x.s . ; EXTERN Undef_Handler
    harry olar
    May 17, 2010
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