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227some queries related to ADuC7020

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    May 20, 2010
      Hi all,
      I am trying to build a data acquisition system using ADuC7020. The basic idea is to use one of A/D chanels, store data in SRAM, and when the SRAM is exhausted, transfer the data to flash and stream it out via UART.

      I am not in a position to figure out whether data has been transferred to flash or not? any pointers in this regard? Is the only way to check whether the data has been transferred to flash or not is by streaming it out via the UART? or is there any other way?

      I am able to read the data via UART existing in SRAM correctly, but not in flash. I read junk values when I try reading data from flash via the UART.

      I have attached the code for reference.