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  • harry olar
    May 17, 2010
      First probably you have  to modify the startup file to handle the interrupts.The name of the file should be  something like
      ADuC702x.s .

                     ; EXTERN Undef_Handler
                     ; EXTERN SWI_Handler
                   ;   EXTERN PAbt_Handler
                    ;  EXTERN DAbt_Handler
                      EXTERN IRQ_Handler
                      EXTERN FIQ_Handler

      Reset_Addr      DCD     Reset_Addr
      Undef_Addr      DCD     Undef_Addr
      SWI_Addr        DCD     SWI_Addr
      PAbt_Addr       DCD     PAbt_Addr
      PAbt_Addr       DCD     PAbt_Addr
                      DCD     0                      ; Reserved Address
      IRQ_Addr        DCD     IRQ_Handler      ;  <-     here this is  your  slow interrupt routine handler
      FIQ_Addr        DCD     FIQ_Handler     ;<-     here this is  your fast  interrupt routine handler

      then create a file to have your interrupts

      __irq void IRQ_Handler (void)    {  //put your code here }
      __irq void FIQ_Handler (void){//put your code here }

      I use  Keil Compiler