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223Re: Start programming ARM7 ADUC7026

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  • martin_schoenegg
    May 16, 2010
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      Hi krejcizdenek,

      > I just joined this group as Im starting with ADUC 7026 would like to ask you guys a question.

      Take a look in the archive and you will find a message from a friend of mine who made an excellent tutorial for ADuC702x series.

      > My frien told me that it is not so easy as AVR ATMEGA 16.There was just write code compile it and ready to go... Could you please give me some info what do I need to do?

      I can not understand what your friend means, The ADuC is very comfortable, no fuses no thrill, write your code flash the device via JTAG or RS232 with the tool that analog supports or use the freeware tool you have found for NXP devices, I heared that it should wark, too.

      Where is the problem?

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