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218ADuC7026 + gcc + openocd.... lots of PABT and DABT interrupts.

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  • Samuel Ace Winchenbach
    Jun 10, 2009
      So I am trying to create a very simple application that ramps DAC0 up, then back to 0, then back up (saw tooth). I can step through it fine with openocd but as soon as I run the application by typing "continue" I get a bunch of prefetch and data aborts (it seems to always lock up with one of these.) I am not really sure what is wrong. I am using my own board layout... so that may be the culprit.

      Here is a link to my entire eclipse project. It has the openocd script, as well as gdbinit scripts in the Debug directory. If you need more information like compiler used/version/etc. just let me know. Thanks!