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213Re: Own aduc7020 pcb design

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  • pellepl
    Nov 20, 2008
      --- In ADuC_ARM@yahoogroups.com, "martin_schoenegg" > We use to make
      longer pads so we are able to use a solder iron to
      > heat the pad beside the IC. Our group made several layouts (even
      > single sided) without mayor problems. All hand soldered with a
      > solder iron, no hot air or such specials. A few hints:
      > Please do not connect or solder the metal surface on the bottom
      > The mass of tin in the hole will easyly overheat your IC.
      > Don't make wires nor vias under the chip. The metal surface is
      > internally connected to GND and may give a short cirquit.
      > Colophonium in alcohol is your friend for such handmade things. Use
      > enough of such solution or an other flux to prevent shorts
      > Good luck
      > Martin


      thanks for all tips!

      Using plain solder iron (and some wick) also. The vias and wires
      under the chip are GND so a short should not cause any problem.
      Rechecked and remeasured everything, the only thing I can come up
      with is that I've heated the ADuCs too much/long. The hole was never
      filled with tin. I'm using 280 celcius on the iron - what temp are
      you guys using?

      I'm thinking of redoing the PCB using a bigger board with less
      constraints. Just to see if I can get the processor to kick in.

      Thanks / Peter
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