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212Re: Own aduc7020 pcb design

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  • martin_schoenegg
    Nov 13, 2008
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      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ADuC_ARM/photos/album/946558215/pic/

      We use to make longer pads so we are able to use a solder iron to
      heat the pad beside the IC. Our group made several layouts (even
      single sided) without mayor problems. All hand soldered with a simple
      solder iron, no hot air or such specials. A few hints:

      Please do not connect or solder the metal surface on the bottom side.
      The mass of tin in the hole will easyly overheat your IC.

      Don't make wires nor vias under the chip. The metal surface is
      internally connected to GND and may give a short cirquit.

      Colophonium in alcohol is your friend for such handmade things. Use
      enough of such solution or an other flux to prevent shorts

      Good luck

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