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  • Israel Pavelek
    Jun 19 2:15 PM
      Hi people, i´m Israel Pavelek from Argentina. I´m working at the university assitant the Professor. Here we are teaching ARM aduc 7026 MCU, with the keil/uvision IDE, but we would like to chage for a free option, we are trying with Eclipse, and some´s compilers, YAGARTO, GNUARM, WINARM, I´ve installed them but i can´t find the make file for the aduc 7026 or information to do it, all the examples in the net are about atmel or philips ARM MCU, do you have a tutorial or a simple blinky proyect with 7026 aduc and one of the compilers YAGARTO; GNUARM or WINARM working with the eclipse IDE?

      Pavelek Israel
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