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17Intefacing ARM A/D with 5V sensors

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  • gkicomputers
    Mar 4, 2005

      What would be the best way to interface a 5V sensor (say a Analog
      Devices gyro) to the 2.5V ARM A/D? The gyro's output is already
      buffered, would a simple voltage divider work to drop the output to
      2.5 V? What values and resistor types would I use? Do I pick the
      lowest resistor value that the sensor can drive (to minimize the
      input impedance seen by the a/d), or do I need to use another opamp
      with a .5 gain stage.

      Also, I understand the ARM A/D spec is guarantee at full core speed,
      but do you think the performance of the A/D vary with speed? I heard
      some microcontrollers a/d performance has peaks and valleys as a
      function of speed.

      thanks for any help the ADuC is a nice chip!

      joe pierson
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