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161IAR Rom Monitor

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  • zulumanten
    Mar 3, 2008
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      I have quick start kit by ADI using aduc7024. I dont have jtag and
      only rs232 connection cable and the only debugger that works with it
      is ROM Monitor. The kit worked fine untill a couple of days ago it
      started to give me errors on debugging, as if it is unable to connect
      to the uC. When I click debug , I get a communication error that
      unable to connect to rom monitor after two attempts, try again?. After
      I click no, it give me error message of somewhat like cannot access
      somefile.d79, I am using IARv4.30a. Otherwise downloading/progrmming
      the microcontroller works fine, probably indication that there are no
      hardware problems.
      Any ideas?, please do share...
      P.s. anybody know anyother debugger using rs232 for aduc7024?