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145Execution speed on ADuC 703x

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  • cevague
    Nov 6, 2007
      I'm developping SW for ADuC 7033/7034 (high precision analog
      measurement for vehicle battery sensor). I need fast code execution,
      although the fastest the ┬ÁC can run is 20,48 MHz ; so I need a strict
      control of some routines that I code in ASM, or in C but I check the
      assembly. The problem is that until now I have not found the good rule
      to compute the execution time of the instructions. In this mode the
      THUMB mode is faster, due to the FLASH which is 16 bits wide only.
      The ARM documentation specifies a calculation mode with a number of N,
      S and I cycles (or C-cycles, but there is no Floating Point
      coprocessor here).
      Anybody has a good rule to compute the execution time of the
      instructions in THUMB mode ?
      Best regards,