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106Re: [ADuC_ARM] Re: ADuC7xxx.h files

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  • Steve Franks
    Dec 8, 2006
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      Only debuggers I've used are the wiggler clones and the iar/segger jlink.  The jlink has it's own gdb driver/host, and the wiggler uses Rowley's free driver/host.


      On 12/7/06, icebird137 <2mega@...> wrote:

      --- "Steve Franks" wrote:
      > I reccommend a google search for WinARM - that package makes it pretty
      > painless, and comes with some ADuC7026 examples...
      > Steve

      Hi Steve,

      thank you. I tried WinARM, but it didn't work.
      But I found the problem: I used the wrong USB driver.
      With the driver from www.ftdiChip.com/drivers/vcp.htm it works,
      if you connect the development board direct via USB (it has an USB
      port) and not use the ARM-USB-OCD cable.
      I also didn't pressed the right buttons to get into boot mode. (SD+RST)

      Now I am trying to program it via JTAG + ARM-USB-OCD
      Any suggestions for that? Or is it not possible?
      I am trying with yargato but I think my configs are tatally wrong.
      Does someone has an config file for OpenOCD for ADuC7026?


      Steve Franks, KE7BTE
      Staff Engineer
      La Palma Devices, LLC
      (520) 312-0089
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