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1Its official, the ADuC70xx group is up!

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  • Rick Collins
    Feb 1, 2005
      Welcome to the Analog Devices ADuC70xx Yahoo group. These chips are
      now sampling and should be in production soon. I expect this to be a
      popular chip with a significant group of interested users. I am also
      considering designing an eval/development board for this chip which
      will provide serial IO, JTAG and Ethernet capability. Target price
      will be under $100. I don't know what software will be provided with
      it, but I think ImageCraft will allow the distibution of an eval copy
      of their software.

      What are others using to evaluate these chips? What designs are they
      going in? I am being sent samples as we speak. Anyone else have
      samples or boards up and running?
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