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Re: [ADSI-DirSrv] ASDI and Single Sign-on for ASP.Net

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  • Timothy P Macaulay
    I agree with Joe. In ASP.NET you will need to add a tag to the Web.Config file. . If you do not add this tag, then you will
    Message 1 of 2 , May 3, 2006
      I agree with Joe. In ASP.NET you will need to add a tag to the Web.Config file. <identity impersonate="true"/>. If you do not add this tag, then you will notice that it will pull the NETWORK SERVICE as the user. If you add this tag, you will receive the UserName.

      Joe Kaplan <joe@...> wrote:
      Can you just switch you app to use Windows Integrated authentication in IIS
      and switch ASP.NET to Windows? That's the best way to go.

      Why would you need a fall-back to forms authentication if your users can use

      If you absolutely need to do that, you might want to do a search for some of
      the hybrid Windows/Forms auth solutions that people have built. It isn't a
      supported configuration, but apparently you can do it.

      This isn't really an ADSI question so much as an ASP.NET question though.

      Joe K.

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      Subject: [ADSI-DirSrv] ASDI and Single Sign-on for ASP.Net

      >I am a web developer that just finished an ASP.Net (1.1) web
      > development project and we are using forms authentication to access the
      > site. Our network infrastructure has just recently upgraded and
      > implemented AD on our network as the mode to login and therefore all
      > personnel (all over the US are in the same domain-different forests).
      > My goal is to create a single sing-on login page that queries the
      > current Network-AD login (oUser) on the PC they are using
      > (whatever one they happen to logon with in the network) to access the
      > site and do a search on the Application database and if a successful
      > match is made, then log them in without a prompt and if not route them
      > to the regular APSX login page. I have been looking and have not really
      > found very much information on how to do this type of thing without a
      > breach of security. I have not had very much experience with AD so this
      > is new territory for me. So any examples or guidance anyone could give
      > would be much appreciated!
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