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This week's evangelion

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    ... From: Jose Achen Date: Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 2:30 PM Subject: [ocymabudhabi] This week s evangelion To: OCYM ABU DHABI
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      From: Jose Achen <jose_achen@...>
      Date: Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 2:30 PM
      Subject: [ocymabudhabi] This week's evangelion
      To: OCYM ABU DHABI <ocymabudhabi@...>, ocymabudhabi@...


      Jose Chemmanam Achen,






      This week we remember the announcement made to priest zachariah about the birth of John the Baptist.The Holy Church appeals us to celebrate this day as PARENTS DAY.Because the Bible records that “they were both righteous in the sight of God , observing all the Lord’s commandments and regulations blamelessly. But we must note that there is a “BUT” in the life of such a rightous and blamelss life.Means they lacked something.They had no children because Elizabeth was barren .Both of them were advanced in age and hope for a child was unthinkable. Still they never gave up the hope,but, were patiently praying and waiting for a child without any disappointment.


      As Zachariah was offering incence inside the temple, arch-angel Gabriel,appeared to him and announced the birth of John the Baptist.But he could not believe it? Naturally he doubted—“ How could an old woman who is advanced in age and who has lost the power bearing a child – could bringforth a child?


      Yes this is a genuine question? Similar questions may be there in our minds and life too.And the simplest answer in the Bible is what the bible is the words of Angel Gabriel to St.Mary , “Nothing is impossible with God”.” DEIVATHINU ORU KAARYAVUM ASAADHYAMALLA”. We can see many examples –how impossibles become possibles in the bible.


      Man from the dust of the earth,

      Eve from the rib of Adam,

      Highway in Red sea,

      Manna from Heaven,

      Water from Rock,

      Aaron’s stick-bloomed and bore flowers,

      Donkey speaking wisely,

      Virgin become pregnant by Holy Spirit,

      Fish giving coins and

      So Elizabeth’s old age turning to youthfulness is not an impossibility for God.God has performed this miracle in the life of Sarah and Abraham too.


      IMPOSSIBLES BECOME POSSIBLES IN THE HANDS OF GOD AND IN THE LIVES OF SAINTS AND HIS DEVOTEES.We can not discern the " HOW "of these things , but it is a reality that can be believed and experienced.This is beyond our reasoning and it is supra-rational.


      Dearly beloved , God can work at any point of time in our life.Let us not be disgusted,dejected nor disappointed,but prayfully throw ourselves into the hands of God and prayfully wait for our dear Lord

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