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Re: ADOF - Saint Gregorious Orthodox Church in Parumala

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  • ettimanil kuruvilla
    yes,as you wish,  let us all pray with tears to have things settled in a better manner,with GODS GRACE. ... From: Moderators Subject:
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      yes,as you wish,  let us all pray with tears to have things settled in a better manner,with GODS GRACE.

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      Subject: ADOF - Saint Gregorious Orthodox Church in Parumala
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      Date: Thursday, October 7, 2010, 7:57 AM

      By Dr Vinu Thomas, Dubai
      Jacobite faction claims that they are going to build the first ever Church in
      Parumala in the name of Saint Gregorious.It is my understanding that we have an
      Orthodox Church in the Parumala hospital premises called Saint Gregorious
      Orthodox Church for the construction of which building materials from the old
      Parumala church was used, while it was renovated.
      Any Orthodox faithful irrespective of faction is free to receive sacraments in
      Parumala Church.I have heard the Priest in Puthupally Orthodox church announcing
      during the Holy Quirbana that all faithful who have come with preparation from
      the Orthodox Church and the jacobite Church are invited to come and receive the
      holy Quirbana.
      The sinister motives of Jacobite faction in raising the Church construction
      issue has clearly come to the surface and many true faithful in Jacobite faction
      itself has 'strongly resented this move' by their battered,wicked sighted
      leadership.They say that 65 lakhs used to buy this 20 cents marshy plot could
      have been used to build houses for the poor or for some effective charity
      work.One cannot put a building there-forget a church-unless crores are spent on
      foundation.There is just hardly space, I understand, for an autorickshaw to
      reach this plot.
      The Hindus and Muslims in the area are said to be as much agitated and disturbed
      as the well meaning Orthodox faithful on this issue.

      Parumala Thirumeni was a strict disciplinarian during his erstwhile holy
      life.His Grace's blessed mediating soul will not tolerate any nonsense that may
      be brought forth in HG's holy name.Satanic forces will be defeated just as the
      island land of Parumala has been brought from satanic dark ages to present
      divine light and from an oxen market to a holy township.
      As the holy memorial feast of this legendary powerful Saint is approaching let
      us be steadfastedly prayerful,seeking and vigilant.

      Dr.Vinu Thomas,

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