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John Brown Coming Home in the North Country, New York and Vermont

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  • Jean Libby
    The North Country of New York state is bringing John Brown home in style and substance at a Symposium on December 4 – 5, continuing with events in John
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      The North Country of New York state is bringing John Brown home in style and substance at a Symposium on December 4 – 5, continuing with events in John Brown’s Adirondack country through the weekend. 


      Events, tributes, speakers, and discussion are moving with the funeral cortege after the execution of John Brown in Virginia on December 2, 1859.  With great purpose, the descendant of John and Mary Brown in the present day, Alice Keesey Mecoy, will go from the courthouse in Charles Town on December 2 to the Adirondack Community Church on December 4 to present the tribute to Magpie, artists and authors Greg Artzner and Terry Leonino, at their performance of Sword of the Spirit, based on the letters of John and Mary Brown and the poignant histories of soldiers in John Brown’s army.   


      Speakers and panelists include author Russell Banks, J. W. Wiley academic Black Studies activist, biographer of John Brown the Rev. Louis A DeCaro, Jr., and Prof. Margaret Washington of Cornell University . 


      The organizers, particularly Naj Wikoff of the Lake Placid/Essex County Visitors ’ Bureau, are relating the John Brown abolitionist movement of the 19th century to the 21st century worldwide slavery that continues as human trafficking.  Author and abolitionist Kevin Bales (The Slave Next Door; Ending Slavery in the United States), George Holmes of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), activist and child advocate Bernardine Dorhn will discuss present-day slavery.


      On December 6, Donald Papson of The North Country Underground Railroad Historical Association of Plattsburgh will present evidence that John and Mary Brown, and their related family the Thompsons, did assist fugitives in Timbucto, the African American communal settlement at North Elba. Transportation is the key to discovery:  a replica sail ferry will bring John Brown’s coffin home across Lake Champlain , just as 150 years ago.


      John Brown coming home



      Advance Reservations:

      Kristin Strack

      Reservations Manager, Lake Placid - EssexCounty Visitors Bureau

      518-523-2445 ext 109

      email: kristin@...

      Fee: Symposium only $15, plus Tribute $25



      In Philadelphia, the John Brown Photo Chronology exhibition is opening at the National Archives and Records Administration at 900 Market St.  The NARA people have added text panels and historical interpretation that greatly improves the exhibition.  It is on display through April, 2010. 


      My book, John Brown Photo Chronology; catalog of the exhibition at Harpers Ferry 2009, will be dedicated on Martyrs' Day, December 2, at PanAfrican City Alive! in Sunnyvale, California, Keisha and A. Peter Evans, owners/operators.  We are honoring African and African American martyrs of the 19th and 20th centuries, beginning with John Copeland and Shields Green of John Brown's army.  A reading of John Brown's Address to the Court on November 2, 1859, as an African American family tradition, will highlight.  Details on www.alliesforfreedom.org/BooksbyAlliesforFreedom.html 



      Best wishes to all,


      Jean Libby, editor

      Allies for Freedom




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