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acramento Juneteenth Celebration: Negro Hills Burial Ground Project

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    Activist Seeks to Bury for Good Act of Racism Festering in Foothills Posted on: Saturday, 18 February 2006 By Walter Yost, Sacramento Bee Reporter ~ Reprint
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      Activist Seeks to Bury for Good Act of Racism Festering in Foothills 
      Posted on: Saturday, 18 February 2006 

      By Walter Yost, Sacramento Bee Reporter ~ Reprint 

      Like many of those buried at Mormon Island Relocation Cemetery, the three-dozen descendants of Negro Hill lie in graves marked "unknown." But unlike the rest, their simple gravestones bear an inscription, including a racial epithet, that recall the days of segregation, lynchings and other degradations of African Americans. 

      The racist grave markers roil the blood of Ray Parr, an African American veteran of the Korean War. The 76-year-old Parr said he was angry, recalling the first time he saw the markers, which read: "Unknown. Moved from (racial epithet) Hill by U.S. Government 1954.""What shook me up is that the U.S. government did this," Parr said. "It never should have been done that way." If Parr, and others involved in the Negro Hill Burial Ground Project, have their way, the cemetery's historical markers will be changed "to reflect proper dignity and respect for the pioneers of Negro Hill and the surrounding pioneer communities," said Michael Harris, project director. 

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