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FW: LSU Dept of Geog and Anthropology responds to Katrina

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  • Jamie C. Brandon
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      >Subject: LSU Dept of Geog and Anthropology responds to Katrina
      >Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2005 09:50:40 -0400
      >LSU Dept of Geography and Anthropology in Baton Rouge is offering
      >assistance to faculty and grad students, anthropologists in the
      private and
      >public sector, etc in the Hurricane Katrina area. In addition, LSU
      >looking for people to teach classes (now), enrolling students (now,
      >including this weekend), a medical rescue/treatment center for
      >evacuees. (1)To facilitate communication, the Dept of Geography &
      >Anthropology at LSU is creating a list of names and email addresses
      to post
      >on the LSU web page. Please send a current email address and any
      >contact information to gachair@... (hurricane email directory in
      >subject line) or call the dept office at 225-578-5942. (2) Our dept
      >find space for faculty and grad students and get you linked with
      >library privileges, and other things to get folks working. (3) On
      the LSU
      >web page there is an urgent call, as follows: "Instructors are
      >immediately to teach various classes at LSU. If you are a college
      >or instructor and are available to teach one or more classes, please
      >contact us immediately at phawkin@.... Please include your
      name, how
      >you can be contacted, and classes you might be able to teach." (The
      >address is Patrice Hawkins). (4) If you are displaced by the
      hurricane and
      >need a place to live, see the LSU web site (www.lsu.edu). LSU is
      >coordinately efforts to accommodate academics. (5) LSU is accepting
      >enrolling (even this Labor Day weekend) students.
      >Sponsor: Dept of Geog & Anthropology, LSU, Baton Rouge
      >Contact Information
      >Dept Chair/Dept office (gachair@...)
      >Dept of Geography & Anthropology
      >Louisiana State University
      >Baton Rouge LA 70803-4105 U.S.A.
      >Phone: (225) 578-5942
      >Email: gachair@...
      >URL http://www.lsu.edu
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