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FW: Cat Rescue question (not sure if any ACS Hero can help??)

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  • Anna Fleischman
    #yiv381058709 DIV { MARGIN:0px;}     If anyone can help re-home this kitty, please let me know! Thanks!!   Good afternoon Anna. I have been making calls
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 17, 2009
    If anyone can help re-home this kitty, please let me know! Thanks!!
    Good afternoon Anna. I have been making calls this afternoon looking for a cat rescue/ no-kill shelter for a kitty cat or any place that I think he will be ok to be placed for adoption. He is about 1 yr old, already neutered. Do you know of anyone wanting to adopt, or a shelter to take him to where he can be put for adoption? Not sure about ACS since I just started volunteering there. I rescued him from certain death while I was living in Florida. My daughters and I thought of calling him Pheonix like the bird rising from the ashes considering his condition when we found him...  He only has a "nub" as a tail since he was dumped at a gas station with his siblings and he was hit by a car and left for dead at that gas station. Only way to save him was to remove his tail they apparently couldn't fix it. His siblings were never recovered. I had a potential home for him but the person I found that had interest at the very last minute decided against it because of some instability in their home. So I held on to him rather than place him somewhere he might come back from.
    But the time has come for me to really press to find him a forever home. We have lovingly nick named him Nubby... But I really need to find him a place where he can find a home. In Florida I knew some people so I could get the word out. Here I don't know anyone, so I can't.
    I took 2 pictures of him which are attached. i don't know where to turn to about it, and wondered if you might point me in the right direction for a resource. Please??
    Your help would be greatly appreciated if you know of anyone I can contact?? Or if you think ACS is the place for me to go. I just don't want to see him having been the sole survivor of something so bad to risk being put to sleep. He is extremely layed back been an indoor cat since I rescued him, and has lived around other cats and a big dog 24/7 in the house. He doesn't fear dogs (which was another danger for him out there, he doesn't know dogs can be dangerous since he doesn't see the difference between himself and the dog)
    Thank you.

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