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Seminar on “China Economy and Our Opportunities”

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  • Hao Li
    Subject: Seminar on China Economy and Our Opportunities Dear ACP Members and Friends: On October 9, 2004 (This Saturday) 1:00pm we will be pleased to present
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2004
      Subject: Seminar on "China Economy and Our Opportunities"

      Dear ACP Members and Friends:

      On October 9, 2004 (This Saturday) 1:00pm we will be pleased
      to present WANG Keke (President of China Trade Center of
      Philadelphia), GAO Weihua (Independent Trade Consultant), GU Xiaohu
      (Independent Trade Consultant) and some others to share their
      experience and knowledge with us. The presentations discussions will
      be in the following topics:

      1. Keynote Speech -- WANG Keke
      Overview of China Economy and US China Economic cooperation

      2. The current economy status of Chinese economy -- GAO Weihua

      2.1 Migration from plan-oriented to market oriented
      government policies, license, invest, tax, legal, market, etc.
      2.2 Manufacture
      1) Consumer products: Wenzhou
      2) Fabric and clothes
      2) Power : Circuit Breaker
      3) Electronics
      4) Automobile
      5) Control and equipment:
      2.3 IT
      1) Hardware: lianxiang, IC design, IC manufacture
      2) Software: e-gov, internet, opensource, linux, OS
      3) Communication

      3. Imports and Exports between China and US -- GU Xiaohu
      3.1 What we can do in the co-operation between US and China?
      3.2 To be a "Hai-Gui" of to a consultant here, what advantage we have?
      3.3 Our experiences as an import/export dealer.

      Date and Time:
      October 9, 2004 (Saturday)
      1:00-4:00 pm

      Cost: Free
      Language: Chinese
      Location and Direction:
      Meeting Room of Radnor Township memorial Library
      114 W. Wayne Ave.
      Wayne, PA 19087

      Follow Rt. 30 to Wayne PA. Turn South onto South Wayne Ave.
      At the FIRST intersection in front of the US Post Office, turn right
      onto West Wayne Ave. The Township Library Building, will be on the
      left about 50 yards from the post office. The meeting room is in the
      next door to the main library entry.

      By R5 Train
      to Wayne. 7 minutes walk alone Wayne Ave.

      Association of Chinese Professionals (ACP)

      LI, Hao
      Chairman, ACP
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