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宾州华人科技协会 ACP 2012-2013 滑雪 活动时间表及其它活动

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  • Hao Li
    ACP 2012-2013 滑雪活动时间表及其它活动: =============================================================== 1. ACP 2012-2013 滑雪活动时间表:  
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2012
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      ACP 2012-2013 滑雪活动时间表及其它活动:
      1. ACP 2012-2013 滑雪活动时间表:
      50% off - 半价:  Ski ticket: $24 Ski&Rental:$34
      宾州华人科技协会(ACP)将于20121230(周日),2013 119(周六),216(周六)举办滑雪活动. 虽然各滑雪场都提价,ACP仍争取到与往年一样的特好优惠价(50% OFF) 在过去的11年里,华人科技协会举办了多次滑雪活动.在过去的例次滑雪活动中,有累7,500名华人朋友涌跃参加.整个滑雪场,新朋老友欢聚一堂; 华语欢声热闹非凡.
      第一次滑雪活动定于20121230(周日) 8:40am-10pm,在宾州的Spring-Mountain 滑雪场举行(视滑雪场开业时间表,ACP将于Dec.27-28发出确定此次活动eMail并在ACP官网公布。) 华人科技协会(ACP)工作人员将于8:45-11:20Spring-Mountain 滑雪场Lenape Lodge Building现场售票(只收现金, 无需等候, 随到随买)。
      票价:      lift only: $24(用自己的器材)   lift & ski rental: $34, 
      lift & ski/snow board rental & group lesson: $44
      Spring-Mountain 滑雪场距费城35MILES (757 Spring Mount Road Spring Mount, PA 19478  springmountainadventures.com )
      宾州华人科技协会(ACP) http://www.acp-phila.org/ 
      主席:李灏 Hao Li li_hao1@..., 215-822-1731 (H)
      2. ACP 其它活动 A: Joint Social Disco / Ballroom Dance Nights – this Friday and
      Disco, Gangnam Style, group line dance and ballroom dance lover can hardly wait for another dance season to start. ACP, UDCA, and GHCS planned a serious Joint Social Dance Nights for you to enjoy.
      The following plans for the Joint Social / Disco Dance Nights (Post on ACP website http://www.acp-phila.org/. We will NOT send a reminder for the dance events every time. Please check this web often.
      Joint Social Disco Dance Nights
      by ACP, UDCA, and GHCS
      Every OTHER Friday Night 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM
      Cafeteria at Maple Glen Elementary school
      1581 Fort Washington Ave , Maple Glen , PA 19002 .
      The school is near Route 152, Route 309 and PA 276 turnpike and Fort Washington .
      Fee: $3/Person (Age 65 or older free - Collect at the door)
      Lijun Zhang (215) 343-1436
      Ping Lu (410) 900-2749
      Jie Xu (215) 822-1731  xujie888@...
      3. ACP 其它活动 B: ACP Dance Club’s Dance Parties – this Saturday and
      The plan for ACP Dance Club’s Dance Parties are:
      ACP Dance Club’s Dance Parties
      Every Month Saturday 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
      December 15, 2012
      January 19
      February 16
      March 16
      Ellis Athletic Center (Basketball court)
      3819 West Chester Pike
      Newtown Square , PA 19073
      Fee: $7/Person
      There are direction boards at all intersection by the name of "Ellis Preserve at Newtown Square". Ellis Athletic Center is on the bottom of the list.
      This dance party is only for grow-ups or teenage dancers.  Line dances are nicely planned and easy to follow.  Please join us for the fun and help us make it an unforgettable experience!
      Hanhui Li   <hanhuili@...>
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