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ACP Dance Party on Saturday 4/17/10 and other community news

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  • Hao Li
    =================================== 1. ACP Dance Party on Saturday 4/17/10 ===================================   Dear Friends,   Birds are chirping and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2010


      1. ACP Dance Party on Saturday 4/17/10



      Dear Friends,


      Birds are chirping and flowers are blooming. Mother nature is awakening after a long, hard winter. Ahhhh, Spring is here. Let's dance, let's party and Let's enjoy the Spring and embrace the beautiful season. ACP Dance Club will host a dance party on April 17, 2010. You are cordially invited to join us to dance the night away.


      This dance party is only for grow-ups or teenage dancers. You do not need to be skillful at dancing. The line dances are planned and are easy to follow. One of our dance instructors will also teach a new group dance "Barn Dance" at our dance party. This dance is very easy to learn and follow, and it's a lot fun too. With the beautiful music and a lot of familiar friends, we are sure that you will enjoy very much! Please join us for the great fun!!



      Saturday, 04/17/2010, 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM



      Ellis Athletic Center (Basketball court)

      3819 West Chester Pike

      Newtown Square, PA 19073







      Lin Chai 302-562-5814 chail1@comcast. com

      Chunlei Zhang 484-883-4166 zchunlei@hotmail. com

      Shirley Xu 610-627-1465 crown12@comcast. net

      Ming Li 610-891-6939 ming.mgli@gmail. com


      Dress code:

      Semi-formal to business, No metal or sharp heeled shoes, No shoes which could mark floor. Smoking is not permitted within the building. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed anywhere in the building or on the grounds.



      Have fun, yet be Safe, By participate Association of Chinese professionals (ACP)'s activity, the participant assume to release and holds harmless ACP, from liability, claims, and demands of whatever kind or nature, either in law or in equity, which arise from participant’s participation in the ACP’s program.  By reading this, participant acknowledges to discharge ACP from any bodily injury, personal injury, illness, death, or property damage that may result from participant’s participation in various ACP Programs. Participant also understand that ACP does not assume any responsibility for or obligation to provide financial assistance or other assistance, including but not limited to medical, heath, or disability insurance.



      Association of Chinese Professionals (ACP)






      2华大学学生艺术团4/16日周五晚七点纽约大学Skirbal l Center大型文艺演出 "清舞飞洋"


      为清华大学百年校庆海外庆典活动之一, 华大学校长顾秉林院士将率百人代表团(60位教授,45位学生 艺术团成员)将于4/15-17访问纽约。 时具有50 历史并曾在2009年奥巴马总统访问中国之际在人民大会堂为中美 元首奉献精彩节目的清华大学学生艺术团将于4/16日周五晚七点 纽约大学专业艺术演出中心Skirball Center举行大型民族歌舞文艺演出 "清舞飞洋"


      购票请到 http://skirballcenter. nyu.edu/calendar/flying_dreams 。有各优惠,包括5岁以下儿童免费,early bird special(截至410),学生,师及老人优惠,5 以上团体优惠价及10人以上的团体电话(电话212-992- 8474)订购免网上售票手续费等。购票时请使用  discount codes:"dreamstud"(学生和教师优惠)和" groupdreams"团体优惠)。 节目详情请看附件节目单。更多信息请访问 http://www.tsinghua.org/ 100anniversary


      4. PENN PCDC 拉丁 Samba 教学, 舞会


      亲爱的费城的朋友们,在这美好的春天,让我们共同用热情的舞姿迎接新的一年!!希望这样的活动能丰富大家的业余生活,作为结交新朋友的平台。由于场地的限制,我们在4月份安排两次拉丁舞班, 暑期还会继续开办,敬请期待~~


      内容: 7pm-8pm: 桑巴舞(Samba)基本舞步教学。

                  Instructor: Graricha 拉丁裔专业舞蹈老师,他舞姿洒脱,活力四射,广受大家的喜爱。

                   8pm-10pm: 拉丁舞会。现场会提供多种音乐。

      地点: Arch Auditorium, 3601 Locust Street, Philadelphia , PA 19104

      费用:Upenn, Drexel, Temple 在校学生:每次$5.      其他舞蹈爱好者: 每次$8. 



      4. 中国科学院深圳先进技术研究院樊建平院长率团赴美招聘会


      时间:4147:30P;地点: Columbia Engineering School Mudd building Room 627  Address: 500 West 120th

      中国科学院、深圳市政府2006年在深圳共同组建先进院。 进院引领生物医学工程与低成本健康机器人与智能系数字城市感知行电动汽车与新能源生物医精密加工与新材料等新工业的发展,为满足发展需求, 由先进院樊建平院长带队率先进集成技术研究所、 生物医学与健康工程研究所、先进计算与数字工程研究所所长于4 7-15日期间专程赴美招贤纳才, 可在招聘现场达成实质性工作、合作意向。招聘人数约50人, 涉及领域:1) 生物医学工程、生物技术与生物医药领域; 2) 机器人与智能系统领域; 3) 电动汽车与新能源领域; 4)级计算与感知城市领域; 5) 精密加工与功能新材料

       1、汪瑞:rui.wang@...; 86-755-86392095,13509646280

      2、冯伟:wei.feng@...; 86-755-86392063,13902319715



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