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ACP Volleyball team 2006 Upenn Volleyball Tournament News

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  • Hao Li
    Dear ACP Friends: On April 15, 2006, two ACP Volleyball teams from ACP Volleyball club participated the 2006 Upenn Volleyball Invitation Tournament. There are
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      Dear ACP Friends:

      On April 15, 2006, two ACP Volleyball teams from ACP Volleyball club
      participated the 2006 Upenn Volleyball Invitation Tournament. There
      are total 9 teams (UPenn ISSVC, ACP 1, and ACP 2, Penn United, NJ
      Fusion, NJ SilverTiger, MD Kingsview, NJ Plainsboro, UVA) from the
      Northeast region including Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and PA.

      ACP team 1 finished the 2006 Upenn Volleyball Tournament with a 4-4
      mark, a 5th place in the tournament standings. ACP team 2 ended the
      tournament with a 0-8 record and a 9th place finish.

      Tournament Time
      First, 9 teams were divided into 3 groups with 3 seed teams in each
      group. Then the 1st place from each group advanced to the Gold
      Bracket, the 2nd place played each other in the Silver Bracket and the
      3rd place teams played in the Bronze Bracket. ACP team 1 (ACP 1) and
      ACP team 2 (ACP 2) participated all four matches in two rounds:

      Team 1
      1. Round 1, ACP 1 easily beat the Upenn ISSVC team that ACP lost to
      them last summer at SAPA picnic. On the 2nd match of Round 1, ACP 1
      played an exciting match against NJ Fusion, which has one player ( )
      from the formal China National Volleyball Team and one player from
      Beijing Normal University Volleyball team who was Beijing College VB
      Champion in 80's. Although the both teams were not in the same level
      and ACP was truly under dog, the first game against NJ Fusion, APC 1
      led halfway through and on the 2nd game against NJ Fusion, ACP 1 led
      most of time until very end of game but lost in last three points
      partially due to lack of experience as a team. For ACP team, this was
      most excited and entertained match that we have ever had for a long
      time since ACP volleyball club established 5 years ago.

      2. Round 2, ACP 1 was grouped into the Silver Bracket with MD
      Kingsview and NJ Plainsboro for the afternoon matches. Although ACP 1
      lost to the Kindsview but it was a good fight and effort from the
      team. ACP 1 played a lot better as a team in the last match against
      the Plainsboro with two straight wins to conclude the tournament. We
      really got good efforts from every player in this tournament and our
      entire team is getting involved.

      Team 2
      1. With respect to ACP 2 team, lack of co-operation was the main
      reason that the team members didn't play at the level of weekly
      practice. Although they didn't win any game, they gave challenge to
      all team they met. More importantly, they had great time, met many
      friends and gained precious experience.

      2. Since VB is a team sports, it's extremely important that each
      player plays their best in a coordinate way. The longer that players
      know each other, train together with each other, the better outcomes.
      We are proud of ACP 2 has accomplished in the tournament as they only
      practiced for less than 3 times together before the tournament.

      Debrief After Tournament
      The whether was great and we all enjoyed the lunch from the food booth
      located right outside of the gym and everyone had a good time for
      playing or watching the games. As good as Li-Bin said, "we came to
      have an attitude of learning from others." Both ACP teams learnt
      several good lessons during the tournament, and wish they would do
      much better next time. NJ Huaxia Silver Tiger set a good example for
      team sport; they have practiced together for more than 7 years!

      Footnote Facts
      For this VB competition, many ACP members devoted their valuable time
      and effort to make this event more enjoyable. Just to name a few,
      Daniel Yin purchased the soft drinks and snacks for the ACP teams'
      members. Junning Ma (was original as a setter for ACP 2, can't
      participate the competition due to the conflict schedule) prepared
      many tournament registration tasks. We are proud to mention a special
      guest - You-De Wang (Li-Bin's uncle) who is a graduate from Shanghai
      Sport Institute and formal assistant coach for the University of
      Michigan Woman Volleyball Team gave ACP teams a special coaching and
      valuable lesson while he visited Li-bin's family. Furthermore, the
      efforts for preparing and organizing the ACP VB teams either in
      practice and the tournament by Fushun Shi, Daniel Yin, Guohui Yu, Dan
      Zhou, Ding-Hwa Lei, Li-Bin Wang, Cunxiao Wang, Jeff Loi, Yaxi Zhang,
      Hao, Li and many others team members and none team members are greatly
      appreciated. We would also like to thank families, like Wang Qingmin,
      Jeff Loi and Jason Li who did a wonderful job to come along with teams
      as team cheerleaders. ACP will thank all of you and the Chinese
      professional Community will appreciate your effort and contribution.

      Team members
      Kaihong Huang, Ding-Hwa Lei, Zhen Liu, Jeff Loi, Fushun Shi, Li-Bin
      Wang, Qingmin Wang, Daniel Yin, Ginger Li-Edling, Qingrui Liu, Lu
      Wang, Guohui Yu, Yaxi Zhang, Dan Zhou, Jay Jiang and Jason Li

      Please enjoy the Sport Illustration quality of photos taken by Zhang,
      Yaxi. http://photos.yahoo.com/yaxi.media.studio@...

      Best wishes!

      ACP Volleyball Club
      ACP Sport Committee
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