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433费城华人中秋晚会(Sept. 28) & Joint So cial Dance Meets (Sept. 20)

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  • Hao Li
    Sep 17, 2013
      费城科技华人中秋晚会 Sept. 28, 7 pm
      Joint Social Dance Meets (Sept. 20)
      费城华人中秋晚会 Sept. 28, 7 pm
      - 费城华人科技协会(ACP), Upper Dublin华人协会(UDCA),光华中文学校(GHCS)隆重推出2013中秋晚会
      2010年开始由ACP领衔主办的费城中秋晚会,场面宏大,节目新颖,观众踊跃,为费城地区的中秋时节添加了一道亮丽的风景。今年928日,再次隆重推出第四届费城中秋晚会。今年的中秋晚会在往年的基础上,加强了制作团队,调整了整体构思,增加了节目形式,扩大了演员阵容,效果必定比往年更加新颖, 亮丽丰富多彩。
      今年的中秋晚会由费城华人科技协会(ACP), Upper Dublin华人协会(UDCA),光华中文学校(GHCS)再次联合主办,协办单位有明朗中文学校, 小木兰舞蹈团,茉莉花舞蹈团,宾州华人舞蹈团,旋律艺术团,快乐时光舞蹈团,星光艺术团, 华夏中文学校费城分校,长城中文学校, 长青中文学校, 费城古筝乐团, 大费城美中药协 (SAPA-GP) 以及众多其他华人团体。
      地点:Auditorium, Upper Dublin High School       
      800 Loch Alsh Ave, Fort Washington, PA 19034
      票价:$8.00 (老年朋友, 10以下儿童免费)
      Joint Social Dance Nights By ACP, UDCA, and GHCS (Sept. 20 - Friday)
      ACP. UDCA, and GHCS will hold our very popular joint dance party on Friday, Sept. 20, 2013.
      Date: Sept. 20, 2013.
      Time: Friday, 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM
      Place: Cafeteria at Maple Glen Elementary school
      1581 Fort Washington Ave,
      Maple Glen, PA 19002.
      The school is located at the corner of route 152 and Fort Washington Avenue, it has plenty of parking space.
      Fee: $3/Person (Age 65 or older free - Collect at the door)
      Lijun Zhang (215) 343-1436
      Ping Lu (410) 900-2749
      Jie Xu (215) 822-1731
      Have fun, yet be Safe. By participating in ACP's activities, the participants assume full liability and responsibility for themselves. The organizers will not be liable for any injury or loss a person might receive while participating in the joint events.