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    A major online women s publication is seeking a freelance copy editor who can work between the hours of 3 pm and 9 pm Pacific (sometimes a bit later as needed)
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2013
      A major online women's publication is seeking a freelance copy editor who can work between the hours of 3 pm and 9 pm Pacific (sometimes a bit later as needed) on weekdays and on the weekends as needed. This may be split up between one person who works Tuesdays through Fridays and another who works Saturday through Monday.

      The contract requires that the freelancer edit any articles that appear in the queue between those hours within one hour of posting (allowances are made if a sudden influx appears). During the weekend, the copy editor is simply expected to check the system every two or three hours to copy edit anything there and be generally available by email in case of a trending story.

      This is an ongoing project and the copy editor will receive some work each day (though weekends may be slow) paid on a by-month per project basis. We are willing to consider hiring two people to fulfill this need if they can work on different days. Teams also acceptable. Typically, between 150 and 200 articles a month are required.

      The ideal copy editor:
      Will have flexible availability during the times indicated and be willing and able to put aside other projects to focus on the queue, as celebrity news is fast-paced and the volume per day is unpredictable.
      Is familiar with Entertainment news and celebrity gossip.
      Has the ability to identify sensitive subject matter and remove any potentially offensive attacks. (Writers are allowed to have negative opinions, but unnecessarily attacking language is generally not permitted unless it's the opinion of someone else.)
      Is familiar with an online CMS (such as WordPress) and is comfortable working in an online-only environment. Has a knowledge of linking, SEO, URL rewriting and tagging (not a deal-breaker, but great experience).
      Has a firm grasp of AP style (and is willing to learn house style where applicable).
      Is willing to make a long-term ongoing commitment to the hours requested. (Again, this isn't a job, but the need isn't for only a few months.)
      Is highly comfortable with U.S. English. (Overseas candidates will be considered so long as U.S. English meets our standards.)
      Is willing to take a proofreading test.
      Is quick and accurate.
      Willing to check celebrity names, movie and TV show titles, etc. for accuracy during the copy editing process. NOTE: This is not an ideal position for someone who has other obligations during these hours. The queue is unpredictable.
      This position must be filled ASAP. Please email heather@... for more information.
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