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Managing Editor, Channing Bete, South Deerfield, Mass.

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    About the company At Channing Bete Company, we have one mission: to strengthen individuals, families, and communities by reinforcing healthy behaviors and
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2012
      About the company

      At Channing Bete Company, we have one mission: to strengthen
      individuals, families, and communities by reinforcing healthy behaviors
      and commitment to positive social values. We do this by:

      · creating research-based, reliable publications in formats
      for readers of all ages, cultural backgrounds, and reading levels

      · offering an extensive product line that is second to none
      in its breadth and depth

      · backing everything up with superior customer services.

      This is why for over 50 years, healthcare organizations, schools,
      government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and businesses have come
      to us for solutions to their communication challenges.

      Our corporate offices are conveniently located in a state-of-the-art
      facility in South Deerfield, Massachusetts. Two hours west of Boston and
      three hours north of NYC, the Pioneer Valley
      <http://www.virtualcities.com/ons/ma/p/as/map71a1.htm> and Five College
      Area offer the exceptional quality of life often associated with a rural
      location, yet the area provides easy access to excellent schools,
      culture, and recreation.

      Managing Editor

      We're looking for a dynamic editor who will uphold our editorial
      standards while managing a group of in-house, per-diem, and freelance
      writers. Our editorial staff:

      · composes reader-friendly text to convey key points quickly
      so readers can retain and act upon the information they learn

      · generates and maintains content for existing formats while
      developing new and innovative print and electronic formats for our

      · creates products focused on a variety of topics and
      targeted for specific audiences, and that follow rigorous editorial
      standards for style, accuracy, and readability.

      We're looking for someone who will be able to manage a department
      that creates new products in existing formats, conceptualizes products
      in innovative new formats, keeps a backlist of thousands of titles
      up-to-date, and creates content for custom products designed for
      individual customers.

      Key responsibilities

      The position requires:

      · the ability to understand the communication needs of
      multiple target reading audiences while also fulfilling the buyer's
      communication goals

      · impeccable editing skills that will help us maintain our
      industry-leading standards for readability

      · creative flexibility to incorporate our content with
      fidelity into new products and new media

      · management skills that provide clear direction while
      encouraging creativity and fostering collaboration.


      We require a minimum of a bachelor's degree in English or
      journalism. A master's degree is preferred. You'll need at least
      five years of editing and management experience. Experience editing
      concise text for specific targeted reading levels is a plus, as is
      experience editing content used by public health agencies, healthcare
      organizations, and/or schools. Proficiency with Publishing workflows,
      excellent communication skills, and analytical skills are also required.


      We offer a competitive starting salary and benefits that include health
      and dental plans, a 401(k) plan, employee stock ownership, and profit
      sharing. Limited relocation assistance may be available. To see a full
      list of benefits visit www.channing-bete.com
      <http://www.channing-bete.com/> and choose "Careers."

      To apply

      To apply, please send a cover letter, résumé, and a list of
      publications you've edited to editorialhire@...
      <mailto:editorialhire@...> .

      An Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer

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