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Freelance aggregators, Tasted Menu, Boston (telecommute)

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    Tasted Menu is a website and forthcoming mobile app offering diners an unmatched way to discover the best restaurant dishes. We accomplish this by combining
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2012
      Tasted Menu is a website and forthcoming mobile app offering diners an unmatched way to discover the best restaurant dishes. We accomplish this by combining dish reviews and photos from our passionate user community ("taste") with our highly proprietary, company-generated culinary taxonomy and menu database ("menu"). Our start-up aims to become the primary destination for anyone who finds themselves asking: "What's good to eat here?", "Where can I find the best?", or "What are people eating right now?".

      As a Menu Aggregator at Tasted Menu, you'll be living and breathing restaurant menus. Specifically, menu aggregation involves thoroughly reviewing, editing, and adding further layers of intelligence to restaurant menus initially input by data entrants. It also involves entering detailed restaurant information and performing regular updates as restaurants change their menus. As our ideal candidate, you are...

      * Obsessively meticulous and thorough. Substantial copyediting and/or proofreading experience is a must. Style manuals are like scripture to you. You are invigorated, tenacious, and indefatigable in the face of tasks requiring acute and sustained attention to detail.

      * Passionate about restaurants and, of course, restaurant menus. An hour spent reading Eater or browsing Art of the Menu is like heaven for you.

      Menu Aggregators are contractors of Tasted Menu. Some further details...

      * Work is conducted via our sleek and efficient content management system and can be performed from anywhere in the United States, though being based close to the company in our home market of Boston is a big positive.

      * While hours are flexible, we're seeking individuals prepared to commit at least 20 and ideally 40 hours per week to this role. The more hours available to commit, the more compelling the candidate.

      * Activity will commence at the start of February. We have an intense pipeline of work through early March and hope to continue expanding this pipeline as the year progresses.

      * Compensation is calculated per "task" completed. The average Menu Aggregator will earn hourly compensation of approximately $12.00. However, skilled and efficient performers will have the ability to earn significantly more.

      We're looking for individuals who are energized about being part of a team building something that will change the way people discover food and share their dining experiences. To apply, please send a cover letter and résumé to careers@.... In addition, any samples you can provide of your copyediting or proofreading work will be helpful.

      Note that the Menu Aggregator role is one of two roles comprising the Menu Curator position at Tasted Menu. The job description for the other role, Menu Tagger, can be found at ... http://www.tastedmenu.com/careers/mt.pdf. For those interested, it is possible for a Menu Curator with the right qualifications to be both a Menu Aggregator and Menu Tagger. Please apply separately to each role and note this in your application.

      If you know anyone who might be a good fit, please do pass this along to them. We're also on the lookout for Menu Taggers details at http://www.tastedmenu.com/careers/mt.pdf.
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