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Freelance Copyeditor/Substantive editor

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    We are looking for phds/postdocs who are highly proficient in English to work with us on a freelance basis for our copyediting and substantive editing
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2011
      We are looking for phds/postdocs who are highly proficient in English to work with us on a freelance basis for our copyediting and substantive editing services.

      Preferred Candidate Background:
      • Expertise in any of the following fields: earth sciences, chemistry, physics, engineering, computer science/IT, geology, surgery, medicine
      • Experience in working with ESL researchers/manuscripts
      • Familiarity with academic writing styles and conventions

      • A sharp eye for detail
      • A keen sense of the language
      • MS Office proficiency (especially using Track Changes)

      Job Responsibilities, Copyeditor:
      You will be required to edit research papers to ensure
      • conformance to native English standards
      • consistency in the use of terminology
      • correct sentence structure, word choice, grammar, and punctuation

      As a copyeditor, your role may not always be restricted to “cleaning copy.” Your may also need to edit heavily (wherever required) to ensure that all awkward expressions/convoluted sentences are eliminated. Further, the final paper should be free of typographical errors and meaning changes.

      Job Responsibilities, Substantive editor:
      In addition to performing a copyedit, a substantive editor is required to
      • make structural changes, ensuring that the content is well-organized and that the tone is appropriate
      • draft a cover letter for the author and provide a short report on the quality of the original document
      • revise the document based on the client’s inputs if necessary

      Why work with us?
      Working with us as a freelance academic editor will enable you to
      • Leverage your scientific knowledge in a quality-driven corporate setup
      • Engage in and enable what you know best and are passionate aboutâ€"effective scientific communication
      • Interact with a dedicated and friendly team

      Selection Process
      Our freelance editor selection process involves a short editing test. In this test, we place strong emphasis on sentence structure, consistency in verbiage, grammar, punctuation, and adherence to original intent. The test timelines range 7â€"10 days and we usually share the results within a week.

      Since this is a freelance position, job hours are flexible.

      To apply:

      If you would like to join our freelance editor base, upload your resume and cover letter here:


      E-mail any other queries to freelancepositions@...

      Please include a reference to this posting and your specialization in the subject line of your application: e.g., Freelance academic editor, Physics (Ref. American Copy Editors Society)

      Our website contains additional information on our services, process, work culture, etc.

      Employer profile

      Cactus Communications is a specialist provider of academic editing, medical communications, publishing, and training services to journals, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and corporations worldwide. Our mission is “to enable growth through effective communication.” Over the past seven years, this commitment has helped us serve over 16,000 clients and grow from an organization with a single service offering to one that offers a diversified portfolio of language support services. With offices in the US, Japan, and India; a growing pool of around 190 in-house and 200+ contractual employees; and a professionally trained editorial workforce, Cactus has one of the world’s largest and most recognized editing and writing teams under the flagship arm Editage. “
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